What does “VR” mean to you…


Have always wanted to ask you people this, what do the words “Virtual Ramblings” mean to you?..what comes to your mind when you read the name of this blog?…just curious to know how this blog name comes across..

On a side note, I  will be out of blogging for a short period, may be couple of days..I might not be able to read my google reader as well during this time..so hope to meet you guys once I am back..and keep those interpretations of VR coming…


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  1. Oh thats sad.. I love reading your blog! come back soon

    Umm Virtual ramblings for me means.. ramblings of your mind stored in the virtual world 🙂

    Thats well what internet is .. in a way

  2. First time here. Hmm..the first thing that comes to me seeing the title is that the blogger wants to pen down her immediate thoughts online. Just like a diary.

  3. I agree with both of the above, but it also occurs to me that you are rambling through the virtual world…
    Hurry back! 🙂

  4. That you wish to be free of “definite” plan or purpose, take it easy here in virtual space, trekking along mind space whichever way your heart fancies 🙂
    Thats what I expect to find here – freestyle writing, ideating.

  5. If this is a wordpress blog n it says here it is, how come it skipped my gravatar and got that thing there?WP never fails to spring surprises and this isnt a pleasant one either 😦

  6. Will miss you rambler. See you back soon.
    I thought virtual means Not real or a simulation of reality. So your ramblings are a simulation of the real world?

  7. I had really hoped for a bigger response to this post..I wanted as many people as possible to let me know what they feel about VR..Thank you people for taking your time..this meant a lot to me..

    Meena..thats a good one..had never thought on those lines..

    Solilo..you are right..but only that its him and not her 😀

    bundle..rambling through the virtual world..hmm interesting

    Paisley..how does it make it virtual..

    nrsl…ooh like that one..

    hmm not so much like that marja

    vanilla ..again interesting as others who have thought on similar lines

    Lea…thank you for such kind words..

    Actually not many know that when I started the blog, it was called “Random Ramblings”, and then I changed it to Virtual ramblings.. I think what I had in my mind was that, I ramble a lot, and when I think of it in detail it may not be ramblings after all, they just appear to be ramblings..so virtually they are ramblings..but really they aren’t …

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