Back into land of honeys and sweeties


I had a feeling that I am gonna wake up and I will be back in my room, yelling out for a cup of coffee. I just had a feeling this was just gonna be one of those late night movie sessions I have, when I wake up, and I have a faint remembrance of the movie. Unfortunately when you wake up in the middle of the night and you have nothing else to do, but try to see if you can hook up your laptop with the old dial up setup, that’s when it hits you hard, a feeling of sheer stupidity, a feeling of what on this sane earth made you sign up for a half year long, boring and lonely life, with more and more work, and a whole lot of non rewarding responsibilities.

I guess flight wasn’t all that bad, even though the slowdown has affected the freebies and once upon a time highly claimed hospitality of the business and the first class of these airlines. I spent most of my time in there, watching movies, and eating stuff that’s been put it in front of me. For a change there was no crying baby in all the three flights, now that’s a first. I also ended up next to a good looking Indian girl in one of these flights. Unfortunately she was as “non” social, as me, so 10 hours were spent without even a word being spoken.

A cup of coffee is what I made, first of my many cooking experiments that will follow in the coming days. Early morning coffee, on my balcony seeing sunrise, is what I did not expect my first morning in the new city to be. But little did I know there was another pleasant surprise waiting for me, I get onto the balcony and look up, and there it was, a lovely rainbow, isn’t that a great welcome?, oh man this was almost dreamy.

I wanted this to be a short day at work, where I would walk in, do some mails, and get back. Dependence is such a curse in this big country, to travel 1.2 miles, I was almost made to wait 4 hours, now doesn’t that suck?. Anyways I just hope this dependence ends as soon as possible.

This place has the most funny weather I have ever seen, within a span of 36 hours, I got to see all possible extremes. Rain and rainbow, a hot sunny day, subzero temperature for about a day, and then followed by a pleasant day, with sun and moderate chill. I think my body is much confused as me with this weather, my appetite is slowing down, and racing up at odd hours, and my sleep is now almost stable, but still kind of hits me at unknown intervals.

Driving back on these roads was as scary as I had imagined to me, having to drive in the downtown traffic and a high speed freeway to start up didn’t help much either, I almost drove without making a mistake, only to make one in an empty street.

Three days of cooking and the whole taste is coming back, just hoping to ease into my routine of work cooking and a relaxed worriless mind. Worriless mind, there’s nothing wrong in dreaming a little isn’t it?.

Anyways coming back to the title, don’t get me wrong, no one flirting with me here, yet ..however the use of these words, which flow easily out of women here, a little embarrassing isn’t it?


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  1. woooow! In the balcony with coffee and rainbow……my Dream!!! I am now simply plain jealous! 😉
    Enjoy your stay and hope to get hear many many many new experiences from you!
    Take care!

  2. Wow uncle sam has been treating you well huh !! 😀 I have strong gut feeling that you are gonna have more spice than mere boring and lonely life, with more and more work, and a whole lot of non rewarding responsibilities. 😉
    let’s wait and watch. 🙂

  3. i am keeping my fingers crossed that the girl of your dreams walks into your life,,,, but i have a sneaking suspicion you will be afraid to talk to her when she does…….

  4. LOL-you must be on CO, the way you described the weather. Oh, wait. We haven’t had any rain in a long time… Well, wherever you are, I hope it’s a rewarding & rejuvenating trip with pleasant adventures! 🙂

  5. So, settled finally? good… yavathadru time match aadre online catch up madona.. me at home now.. just finished a trip to karwar and Gokarna 🙂

  6. wowwwwwwww coffee with rainbow!!! 🙂 i dont know when this dream of mine will come true 😦

    so u r in a new place now and yes the welcome u hv recieved is d one anyone cud die for. i guess this rainbow in the morning is a sign of something great on its way. *touchwood* 🙂 m sure this new place is going to prove lucky for you.

    n i agree abt the embarrassing part of the title

    take care

  7. was a dream start I agree

    Bluemist..what reward do you have in mind 😀

    Paisley..I think your suspicion is 100% correct

    Thanks Suma

    thanks Boc

    preeti..finally someone noticed the title D:

    Meena..If I use them back.. I think I am gonna choke

    Thanks Lea

    BB…believe me you will hear a lot 😀

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