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One thing I regret the most after coming here, is missing the regular dosage of blog world. My google reader is full with posts, which I would love to read. No Internet at home makes it extremely difficult for me to keep up with you guys. I hope the net would be set up sometime next week, and rambler should be back to my normal self sometime soon.

This week was my first one over here, I wanted it to zip through, just sleep on Sunday night and wake up on Friday, if you know what I mean. Not that I had things lined up for the weekend, but then just wanted everything to be setup soon.

This week, my 9000 plus days old eyes saw its first ice storm, no!, not snow, but ice. A few inches of ice deposited on the car, roads frozen up, cars slipping and sliding all over the TV. Scary, exciting, biting cold, weird and totally non anticipated. Wish I could put up some pictures.

Discovering surroundings has been one of the favorite pastimes for ages I guess, back from the cavemen age, men have been found wandering around, looking for things and places around. This week I was that caveman for most of days, looking around, finding places to eat, find places where I can buy things which I can eat, and rediscovering the old window shopping experience from my previous trip to this land of shops, malls, and huge groceries stores.

Is it me or is it really true?. The prices have almost doubled in less than three years. If I remember things properly, my weekly grocery bills have doubled and the deals have vanished almost totally. Even our café coffee prices seems to have seen 22% increase over the last 3 years.

One thing I find unique about Texans, they are almost as dirty as we Indians, my eyes caught them spitting on the sidewalks couple of times, even spotted a guy pissing out in the open golf field next to my apartment. The other thing which I found missing from people here, is the big broad smile, which I generally used to be greeted with in Arizona.

That reminds me, why is that you always end up comparing places, now every shop I go to, or any experience I have here, my mind automatically compares it with AZ, and finds AZ much superior, be it the well organized streets, or the courtesy of people, nightlife and how close it was to my place, or even prices and availabilities.

Getting back to cooking has been a sort of a new experience, every day I discover something about it. I have totally forgotten the quantities I used to cook, I either make too much, or too little. Hopefully next week, I should be much better.

On a totally different note :), As I type this, I saw this really cheesy Ad on tv for the valentines day, “Every Kiss begins with Kay”, aha so I guess I all I need for this valentine’s day is some Kay jewelry, gals around look out


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  1. Good to see you. So you live in Texas? We had a hail storm recently as well with big stones coming out of the air in between days of high temperures We’ve got a hot summer here with over 30 today

  2. I guess its just the habit.. After living all my life in Mumbai.. When I moved to bangalore.. I compared and compared.. and found bangalore wanting.. however.. when I went back to mumbai for visits later,,. I did the samething reverse and found mumbai wanting 😉

  3. Ice storms … nice…
    Here we just have this weird crazy winter where its not actually cold or pleasant or warm.

    Wandering and discovering is always such a joy. I can wander around in places that I know prettty well and still find plenty of new things.

  4. i guess i missed you telling us you were even going to texas.. i lived there for like 18 months and it didn’t really do anything for me either… hope you get your internet hooked up soon,, been wondering where you were……

  5. Hi. We always compare things or places to what we have left behind is because distance and memory always gives them a prettier glow. Its like when photographers take pics with soft lens

  6. My in-laws live in AZ, so I visited there once. I will never go back again! I hated the colors & the weather there. It boggles my mind that people would live there voluntarily. My dad lives in TX, and I’ve been there twice. …And can think of no good reason to go back again. I do recall that most people there were quite unfriendly. You should try to make it to CO sometime. We’re (mostly) friendly & if you stay long enough you’ll get to experience several different kinds of weather. And, of course my favorite part of the state: the mountains! Skittles came through once & was moved to tears by Our Mountains. …Um, can you tell I’m kinda proud of CO? lol

  7. I find that no matter where I go… if I wear a smile, other smiles almost always find me… and I’ve been a lot of places, including places that are known for being rude, and have found the most gracious, lovely people ever!

    With the spiraling recession, costs for everything has gone through the roof. We are seeing all sorts of businesses close… Every time I go shopping now, I say I’m helping someone else keep a job…

    I love the images of your exploring… and cooking… I bet it is yummy, no matter the quantity!

    Hope you have a good week Ramber!

  8. Silver..oh really?.. it was very cheesy I felt 🙂

    Marja..I had seen hail storms in India as well..but never saw iced roads..damn slippery

    Winne..may be yes

    Rusty..Believe me I want to get back 🙂

    BB..its not really as much fun as you think it to be 😀

    Paisley..some unwanted travel..thats where I am right now

    Random Magus..liked your analogy a lot..

    DC..not quickly for sure

    AV..oh I hate to see the prices raise like this

    BOC..oh I like AZ..specially the colors in places like Sedona

    Lea..I have begun to hate the word Recession

  9. When I moved here to Germany, I don’t think that I compared it to the states too much because you cant compare em! I just looked around and saw the positives…many of them, for sure! Not sure if I could handle ever moving back to the states after living in Europe. Enjoy where you are or MOVE! for life is too short to not be happy….


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