Then N Now


Then was then/Now is now
“How can you eat the same thing for two days in a row, throw it, make something new” / “Ah, this has taken so much of my time, and who is gonna cook now, lets just eat, so what if I ate the same thing last night”

“Mom!..where’s my coffee, I woke up almost 5 minutes back” / “Oh shoot I need to make some fresh coffee and I have 5 mnts before I need to join the conf call”

“Who takes a shower on saturdays, where the hell do I need to go today”/ “Ah I need to go get groceries, let me take a quick shower”

“Guys, I am busy at work, will call you back, may be in the evening”/ “Guys ISD isn’t that expensive, why don’t you try calling me at home”

“Anna [Dad], Amma had made upma for breakfast, I am gonna have some davangere benne masala dosa, wanna join me?”/ “Anna: What did you cook for breakfast today, me: Upma, you know what it was tasty”

“Saturday evening, Guys lets go out for a meal, my treat”/ “Saturday evening, should I spend an hour more in the gym, atleast I get to see people”

“As soon as I get home me thinking, Lets check my google reader, let me blog this one”/ “Tomorrow morning I have an early call, lets cut vegetables and keep them ready for the morning”,

“Ah she looks new to office, must be a fresher”/ “Is she allowed to work still?, shouldn’t they retire or something”

and it continues….


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  1. Missing home…hmmm? I hope you are also enjoying this time of being on your own. Someday, you will miss this time too πŸ™‚ But I will have to admonish for the last thought…it is a mean thing to say/think.

  2. swat..and why would be that? πŸ™‚

    Pari..literally working 😦

    winnie πŸ™‚

    DC..missing home not so much…missing home luxury yep :D..hmm actually I didn’t say that in a bad sense..its surprising how we think IT in india to be an young man’s job, we hardly get to see old people in the you see many of them old enough to be my dad and mom, working on the same thing as me, and being extremely good at it. I would love to do a post on the age gap thingy soon still alive πŸ˜€ as DC has said above..that was mean πŸ™‚

    Shaili…already been there done that? good..impressed

    Thank you Vanilla..for such a sweet gesture

    Thanks Marja too?

    BB..remember this..upma can sound exotic too πŸ˜€

    Paisley..I think this is virtual..and my world is real πŸ˜€

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