Was he?, or was she?


When life frowned upon him

He found comfort,

In her smiles.

Her cheers soothing,

His disappointments.

Her spirit taming

His blues.

Was it that difficult?.

To find comfort in his smiles,

When her’s dried up.

To sooth her disappointments,

Through his cheers.

To tame her blues

Through his spirit.

Bewildering Art of Selfishness.

Art, Indeed.


Topic over at sunday scibblings today is “Art”, and here’s my 55 cents on the subject.

It feels like a long gap, and feels good to be back.


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  1. Winnie..well the question here is was he the selfish one or was it she

    Paisley..what if we have a problem in defining selfishness

    Suma..have you wondered why I called it an art?

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