hey hey! you got to say!


Prats who writes at Retrospections! Emotional ecology, gave me an idea with here post here. This was a simple exercise which a teacher did at her son’s school, and I thought it would be really good to try it out in the blog world. Its fairly simple, all you have to do is write a single phraze word, or even a comment, or let me make this freestyle, write whatever you feel about “rambler” as an anonymous comment, you could criticize, debate, praise, or anything you want to say. Please make it anonymous.

You are free to try this at your blog, I will surely come around to say what I think about you.

So enough said, let me leave the window open, go ahead, say what you have to say to Rambler, about rambler.

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  1. I like the way you write and your poems are just amazing.. you think a lot.. are an introvert.. may be thats why this anonymity of blog world .. in a way suits you…

    You tend to think .. to analyze a lot sometimes more than required and may be u feel in real life.. ppl dont u\s u well 🙂

  2. Someone who rambles 🙂

    Other that that, someone who remains anonymous for reasons unknown to me, though sometimes I like the concept of having that ‘mask’ Even If I were to know you in person I think I would define you as a deep deep thinker, someone who is introvert many times, who lives and let lives ! And may be someone who can’t ask a woman out on a date on the first time 😀

    Correct me if I am wrong !

    PS : Someone who writes wonderful poems !

  3. You said do this anonymously… but don’t know how to do that.. so…

    I wish Rambler would just jump into a relationship and not worry it to death. Just go for it. I think he might be surprised.

    and… Rambler had become a dear friend who I really, really appreciate.

  4. guys I goofed up big time on this one, this was supposed to be a place for anonymous responses..but my post seems to have conveyed other things

    I do not know how to answer these comments, I expect a whole lot of bashing, and points for me to improve on, looks like my blogger friends are a little too nice to me.

    Paisley..you sound exactly like my mom..when you say that

    pari..you are slightly wrong..its not just the first time..its anytime 🙂

    Thanks Lea..you too have become a really good friend..someone I will never forget because of the thoughts you put in me and the book you sent me, is one of the things I treasure a lot.

  5. I echo Anon2. I would add to it – a fun loving friendly person once his vibes match with someone… and a great reader and poet 🙂

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