Random Randomness #09/09


Random Thoughts:

The other day I had this thought, how it would feel to be stick to a person when he/she is happy. Happiness kind of rubs off, you know, however low you might be, you kind of feel happy for the person, and the positively spreads, and you would no longer be low. Unfortunately the converse is also true, the lows and the blues are contagious too, you are with a person who is kind of low, and moping around, and bam, you too end up being low. It sounds too mean, to even think like this, but then not all people are “correct”, many of them are “practical”, being practical even though it might be a tad selfish. Have you ever run away when the person tries to cry, and stick with him when he smiles?

Random One Liners:

I heard this in the movie “Luck by Chance”, and have ever since been thinking about this. It does make a lot sense, “MeeTha banana hain, to shakkar to dalna padega” .. [If you want to make it sweet..you have to put some sugar].

Random Realizations:

You know you are missing your home, when you dream of a large feast at your home, with all your relatives, not once but two consecutive nights. I woke up twice last week from a dream, feeling disgusted that I wasn’t served my fav dish during a feast at home. Guys, its official, I miss my lunch, I miss my dinner, I miss the Vidyarthi bhavan dosa, I miss the chats around the corner, I also miss being able to get a cup of coffee ready when I feel like drinking it. I miss my home.

Random wondering-s:

I remember last time around when I had to stay away from known things for a long time, I had a unique fear, the fear of the known,. I was afraid about, how I am gonna take it, when I am back to my known. It kind of made one of the very first posts on my blog here.
But this time around, I think I am missing ‘familiarity’, no not only the ones which I had towards things in Bangalore, but even those towards things which I had here in states during my last visit, the club I used to frequent, the people in my work place there, things I did back then. Why is that I am missing familiarity.

Random movies:

I happened to watch one of the movies titled “Henry & June”, its about the life of a highly controversial author Henry Miller [Tropic of cancer ] . Apart from the NC-17 rating, which kind of prevents people from watching it, the taboo nature of his book puts inhibitions in the viewer’s mind. This movie was recommended highly in a talk show on the channel IFC, and I tried to get hold of this one. One statement about the author sums up his whole life, it goes “He is a man, life intoxicates.”. Leave aside everything else, I would love to be that man, man whom the life intoxicates.

Random theories:

I read this somewhere, not sure where it was. “You fall in love with people’s minds”. Interesting isn’t it?. I have had this feeling many a times, you are speaking to a friend, and he/she makes a statement, and you just fall for the thought. It has made me wonder many a times, how much I have liked the thought, and the mind which actually thought of such a thing. More than the people, its always their minds which we fall in love with.


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  1. Umm.. no I have never done that.. but things like that has happened to me.. I mean ppl have left me behind when I am sad and come back to me when I am chirpy.. I tend to stick to ppl in their bad times.. even if i am not around in their good times 🙂

    The one liner is just perfect!

    Umm if you didnt miss home.. i would wonder whats wrong with you 😛

    Umm I forgot to post thre( in that post).. I fear unknown .. n feel secure about known

  2. I have always been able to stick with people no matter when they are happy or sad. I have a lot of compassion for people that can not be around people when they are in a bad way, what it tells me about that person is they can not handle their own grief and sadness. We all have different abilities…

    I’ve been wondering how you were doing with being away from home… it makes sense…

    I know how much you love thoughts and the minds behind the musings, or dare I say??? ramblings??? I don’t understand though, when you say, “More than the people, its always their minds which we fall in love with.” For are not our minds just one extension of who we are as people in our totality???

  3. Nopes never tried the sticking to people during different or struggling times part. I feel happiness or cheerful self is equally infectious and you can spread that too ! I feel blessed to not be among those who can’t see or stand some near or dear ones crying. They feel helpless and I hate that feeling!

    Luck by chance had some good one liners – me too liked the shakar walla line,others were; those lines Farhan tells to Dimple at the party, Konkana’s monologue at the end and those dialogues at the sea shore !

    I so agree with the falling in love with people’s mind !! Mostly has happened to me while conversing with my sister 🙂

    PS: New template – looks good 😀

  4. wah! wah! the changing template has struck you too?!!!

    as for liking someone’s thoughts, isn’t that what is happening here in blogworld?

    so how long before you get back to the familiar?

  5. two thoughts you are definitely home sick and i am hoping that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you know when you are going to be able to go home… and secondly,, i am thinking one day you will look back and remember with fondness these days of life’s intoxication….

  6. A good friend is a person who’ll stick around when you’re low. My mother always said “misery loves company.”

    I hope it’s not too much longer before you can go home. Once the excitement of a new situation wears off, sometimes it’s hard to let go of the things you know. As far as the feast goes: you’ve inspired me to go up to my favorite German restaurant when I can afford it. Even if I have to eat by myself, there’s a sense of home about it.

    I’ve fallen in love with friends’ minds, but I’ll be honest: When it comes to men, it’s started out all physical! 😀

  7. Winnie..you are a good person, but not all people are great, and I have my flaws..what I was thinking was that, is it too selfish to look after your happiness..here you are not causing others pain, but you are also keeping yourself away from it.

    Lea..I agree with you, that our minds are extensions of who we are, but the question is what do we like, sometimes I like the way a women dresses, and some times her beauty and so on, but many a times we often fall for their thoughts

    Prakhar you too??

    Pari..you know feeling helpless when others cry…been there..and I agree its one of the worst..

    Now where is this sister of yours 🙂

    Suma..it had been a while, and all templates in wordpress
    In the blogworld, all you have to see, is a person’s thought, but more in real life, amidst all things he/she has on display, some have ability to fall for the mind
    how long?..dont even ask that

    BM..you know what, I just had 5 of them, and 3 in the first para :)..i kind of like kind of 🙂

    Paisley..I wouldn’t say home sick..but yes missing home

    BOC..like your honesty wrt to men 🙂

  8. I pick up moods very easily and can really be affected by good as well as bad ones.
    Oh i know exctly what homesickness is At least you go back isn’t it
    I do fall in love with peoples minds or souls There are some very wise people around

  9. I liked your random theory very very very much… may be a lot of us feel that way — falling in love with a person’s thoughts/ideas, but we just don’t realize it 🙂

  10. Oh, I stick through the happy times its the sad times which are trying because I am absolutely the worst person to console anybody. I am there but advice I try to give and always end up saying something so not funny.

    I like the random series.

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