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On thing which I have been doing after coming here is doing my prayers daily, I know, I have not been the devotional guy, but I haven’t been an atheist either, I have never not believed in GOD, nor have I have been the pious brahmin, what I am supposed to be. I am just me.

Even in bangalore I have been doing my prayers daily for many years now, just that I never go to the pooja room and do it in front of the idol, I always do them as soon as I wake up, and begin my walk towards the washroom. I blurt out my prayers and rush in.

While I was packing for my stay in the states, my granny forced a photo of lord venkateshwara into my baggage, and it was just a poster, and I said why not. Last time around, I had brought a photo frame which had broken even before I came to the states, so this time I made sure I will just carry a poster, so that it stays in my baggage and goes back along with me. However, jobless me one day found a fedex board, and got myself to tape the poster to the box. [Tom hamks from Cast Away would be proud of me]. Anyways and then the board found its way to the door of my closer, right in front of my bed. So first thing I see when I wake up is the poster.

Since I am alone, and am not shy to do my prayers loudly now, I get to sing the shlokas loudly. Since the place is right near my closet, I get to do my prayers after my bath, just before I dress up. I have always wanted to get back to this, I mean praying as soon as I finish my shower, it was how it used to be when I was a kid. And now I am back to this one.

Anyways coming back to the subject, my shlokas have never grown up, I have been using the same since I was a kid, It has always been the

karagre vasathe lakshmi, as soon as I wake up

Saraswathi namsthubhyam and Namsathe sharade devi and of course Guru Brahma gurur vishnu, for seeking blessings for education and skills [Even though I am not even close to academics in a long long time now]

And general shlokas like

Pujaya Raghavendraya, Shuklam Bharadaram, Ramaya rama bhadraya, ghajananam bhuta gaNadi sevitam.

I think I have been reciting the same ones since I am a kid, they have never changed, not even one addition or deletion, as if they are the default shloka kit in my head. I have a strange desire to increase my daily shloka set, I mean there are many I know, but am not able to put together a daily set.

I need some help people, I need some suggestions, which ones do you use?, any favorites? I know there are many mothers out there who read my blog, I am sure some of you would be teaching shlokas to your kids, so get me some references people.

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  1. Oh I know only sarasvati namastubyam.. gurur bramha and karagre vaste ..

    Even I hardly know any erm.. I am quite slack about it…

    Add gayatri mantra no ? I love that 🙂

    and.. Shuklam baradaram vishnum shashivarnam..

    Thats all the shlokas i know 😀

  2. for me it starts with “Vakratunda Mahakay” and there is another one I include is “Sarva Mangal Manglye”. Then there are a few in marathi. Yes you can include “Gayatri mantra”.
    but I guess I know more than these but can not include them all 🙂

  3. I say the gayatri mantra after bath everyday and om asato ma satgamaya before I leave home. While driving to work it is Our father, I don’t know but it helps me to concentrate and a two line durga stothra in my native tongue before I sleep…

  4. I know only about ten shlokas, I think. Being a Sanskrit student hasn’t helped one bit… And though I have the fantasy to know the Gita, Vishnu and Lalita Sahasranama by heart, I havent taken any steps towards it. Maybe ‘cos I’m not a religious person. I’m spiritual, yes. I say my prayers in bed. And there are days when I miss them too. But that doesnt change my faith. Of the ones you mentioned here, I know 6 of them 🙂

  5. wow.. a personal fav is kadal kadaindhu.. and shantha garam (from sahasranamam) they are like family national anthems, taught to every kid in our family.. my son has a std fare he recites every night before bed.. all taught to him by Daddy dearest 😦 rama skandham, kunkumangudha and pangayar yugathu.. and finally he adds Sri Krishna to the fare!!

  6. After reading your post, I realize how long it has been since I participated in an arti or shloka recital and more importantly how long it has been since I have said one.
    I am not the relegious kinds and I dont regularly pray either. I recite the “Hare Krishna” mantra but its more like unconcious chanting, maximum I read the “hanuman chalisa”. I never really thought about praying being a priority, I go to the temple like twice a month but I barely recite shlokas.
    I hear my grandmother and Mum pray in the morning when I am reading the newspaper, but I have never joined them.

  7. I dont pray as often as I should. But like you, I too have just one set of shlokas that I recite.
    You can try out ‘Bramha murari surarchita lingam’ (from lingashtakam)

  8. my prayers that I do every morning… have been reworded by me over the years, to fit with who I am now. I was just thinking this morning, if I want to keep doing them… there is something really precious about waking and putting my thoughts into the mantra that gets my thinking going in a direction that makes me feel more connected to the essence of life and with my heart…

  9. Guys..thank you so much for the suggestions, since many of you suggested Gayathri manthra, I thought I would comment on my thoughts on that, basically Gayathri manthra is a manthra and not a shloka, and its the most sacred one according to hindu culture, its the easiest way to achieve complete knowledge. So it needs to be recited with utmost care, and purity in mind, and any violation of that is considered to be disrespectful to the ultimate knowledge, I somehow believe in that concept a lot, so I do not recite it when my mind and body isn’t 100% pure..just a piece of information I thought I should share with you people.

    Winne..there are a lot more which you can learn, if you want to 🙂

    Saumya..see I thought I knew you well..had no clue you would recite a shloka :)..

    Sunshine..thanks for that, I think I can add that one to my list 🙂

    DC..asatoma is one of the most meaningful prayers I have ever come across, thanks for reminding that one

    Swat, how about subhashitas, being a sanskrit student, if you don’t remember them, I would be very disappointed .. just kidding :).
    btw one need not be religious to pray, you just need to have faith, in whatever it might be, you could pray to light, air, water, basically you need faith to keep hope alive, and hope to keep ourselves.

    Preethi, Rama skandam is one of the very first shloka my grandma taught me, I am glad kids of today are yet being taught that one.

    BB..one day when your mom is praying, just listen to the shlokas or hymns, and look it up on the internet for their meanings, and let me know if you think there was change in you after that

    Rusty..thanks for the suggestions..i need to learn this, I used to know this one, but been a long long time since I recited that one

    lea, someday I would like to talk to you about the shlokas I have mentioned here, and what they mean

    Thank you people so much for the suggestions

  10. Such a revealing and interesting post.
    Is a shloka a prayer or a chant or a short meditation? Do you always follow a pattern like this or do you pray from the heart, your own words, expressing whatever you need to?

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