Its Time


“Just 10 minutes, nothing is lost”. If I were to be dramatic, I could have used something like, One could be born, One could die, One could make a cup of coffee, One can make a life changing decision, One can perform a deed which can be a life long regret. If I were to be a little wild, could take the drastic step of not waiting and just getting on with what I want to do.

Why do some people not care about time?, more importantly, value other people’s time. You can be just 3 minutes late, its still late, and you really wasted the person’s time. I can understand circumstances might sometimes make us not maintain our time, but sorry I cannot believe it can happen for every single day, for 6 weeks. What I do not understand is that how people can be so careless.

I had a long chat about this topic with a good friend over the weekend, and few of the points that came out were so logical. First and the fore most point, is that people should be conscious of time, I do know that as kids, many of our elder generations never had a watch, so they do not have the habit of timing their work, more importantly they hardly have the habit of periodically checking the time and how they are doing with respect to it. Now given a deadline, it is not at all difficult to plan backwards and breakdown smaller timelines for things we need to do before the big deadline. Isn’t that simple?, I mean if I have to leave to work at 8:30 am, I have to finish everything before 8, I should be done with my breakfast by 8:15, and should be able to washup, wear my shoes, lockup and be out by 8:25.

Why do I plan that way?, because I care about time, most importantly my time. I can leave at 8:33, but I prefer to start 8:28 rather than 8:33, but some people never understand. When people come with questions like, what happens if you are late, its not like someone is going to penalize you, or anything. That’s exactly where the attitude differs, its not for someone else we need to be on time, but for ourselves. When you put someone else into the equation, it makes even more sense to be sure to respect their time, when they have taken so much of trouble to be on time, shouldn’t you take double the efforts not to keep them waiting?.

One of the worst excuses I ever heard when people come in late, is “you know right IST”, [for people who do not know, IST is Indian standard time, which people use it to say that Indians are always late]. when I see a person saying this with a smiley face, I bet if someone were to check my blood pressure, it would have reached the roof. How can you, not only be insensitive towards time, but also be happy about it, without a hint of regret?, how can you set such a bad name for your country, and more importantly expect the other one to excuse you just because other person is an Indian, and supposedly has to always adjust to the so called “IST”. People, please do not generalize, I have seen so many Indians who are very particular about time, and by saying IST, you are actually making us feel not so proud to be an Indian. I once over heard a colleague of mine explaining his concept of “IST” to an American, is it really hard for people to understand that its not a good thing to be late, and definitely not a good thing to explain how normal it is to be late, and then say its Indian virtue?.

People close to me know, how impatient I get when it comes to time, and I am fortunate to have had people who value my time, as well as theirs around me, rather I avoid dealing with people who do not consider the importance.

Unfortunately I have been stuck with a person for last six weeks, who hasn’t kept time, even once, and is not even apologetic about it. I have had fuming days, where I have controlled my anger at him, because its just 2 more weeks I need to put up with, and I generally do not like telling things on face to people.

I just wish people begin to learn the importance of time, and respect it as much as they should.


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  1. I was once late to a training program conducted in our HO and got nicely from our GM. But from that day, he knows me by my first name!! But yes, a negative impression is created instantly and we are not able to change it. But just imagine the fun of waking up late in the morning, going slowly to the office etc. Some people just don’t want to have fun!! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. I used to be the most punctual person in the world. Sometimes I’d even wake up in the middle of the night convinced I was late for school & start getting ready. Now, I’m sorry to say, it’s rare that I actually get anyplace when I mean to. I used to have a strict schedule, but since I’ve had all of my health problems, I have little energy to keep up with all of my morning chores & sometimes have no control over…unexpected delays. Just today I meant to leave a half-hour early for work so I could run an errand on my way in. I turned out only being 3 minutes (how funny you should choose that #!!) late, but still. I’m probably not the kind of person you’d want to hang out with. 😉

  3. snow, my patience is running out

    DI..being late isn’t fun to everyone ..specially not me 🙂 know caring about time is all I ask, and good to know you want to

    Suma..I am happy to see people really wanting to be early

    Winnie..well what can I say 🙂

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