I see, I ask


I have always considered myself to be shy and nerdy. I have heard people nickname me bookworm back in highschool, and I tend to believe people percieve me to be shrewd and calculative.

After reading a post which was no way related to me here, few questions popped into my mind.

When I see myself to be shy, did I ever appear to be reclusive?

When I see myself to be nerdy and geeky, did I ever appear to be intriguing to anyone?

I guess, some questions just remain as they should,”questions”.


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  1. Sounds a lot like how I see myself & how others referred to me in school. As long as we’re comfortable with who we are, does it really matter what the labels are? Oh, and I refer to myself as an aspiring geek with pride! 🙂

  2. Still, I haven’t understood my mood, my behavior! Sometimes I think of myself as shy, sometimes selfish, sometimes confused…………looong list! And I guess, my all these opinions are based on other’s perception.

  3. i don’t like miggling with strangers.. people think i’m snobish/eternaly angry etc.. 😛 why should we bother about other’s perception of us??

  4. We shy ones are always misunderstood by those who do not understand what it is like to be shy. Us thinkers are always misunderstood….by those who do not think!

    If a person does not really know you, does their opinion of you really count?

  5. Guys from my school called me weird… nerdy is way better 😛

    Umm i guess there will be some ppl who wud think you are intriguing…

  6. Bundle..actually I am too materialistic, to not care about what others think

    Preethi, what do you think?

    Neilina..but did it ever make you wonder..what we come across as

    ssnab, why is a big question, well lets assume I do 🙂

    Jon, its not opinion, its more about how we come across as..actually it makes even more sense when it comes to people who do not know us, and how we appear to world

    Winnie..I would like to hear from them 🙂

    I really wished more people how know me in person answered this one.. S what are you doing?

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