Highs and a low


For all those of you who have been asking what happened to the girl from the gym, I have an update.

Sorry I lost count of the number of days. All I can say is, this happened today.

Last week was kind of bad weather wise; it had been raining almost all week, and then because of the daylight savings, and us going one hour ahead, I kind of lost track of time, and ended up watching TV a little more, so had been late to gym all week. I did not spot her in the gym, and I thought she continued her normal slot.

Today I was back a little early from work, and was kind of mentally not feeling good, wanted to go do some running, so ended up in gym cutting short an episode of scrubs on TV. As I entered my leasing office I could see her in the gym, already running. I was a bit happy to see her, and with the prospect of a probable addition to my story.

I entered the gym, and to my surprise I saw an elaborate waving with a big smile and a loud hi from her. For a second, I wanted to really look at my back to see if anyone was behind me, it turns out she did wave at me.

I took my usual position on the thread mill, and started to run, and she too was doing the same. Suddenly after two laps she slowed down.

I don’t know why, and from where I got the courage.

Me: I haven’t seen you all of last week at the gym, were you coming in early?

Her: Nah, it was cold, I prefer warmer. I did not feel like coming to gym when it rains.

Me: I too have been coming late to the gym, not at my usual time.

Pause of like 2 minutes

Me: do you study?, I mean are you a student?

Her: not anymore, am a substitute now at a school

Her: How old are you

Me *thinking*: wow that was fast., and then blurt out 28..,, well almost 28.

She: oh !, you don’t look that old at all.

Me: how old are you..

[Can you believe a guy who took like 40 days to say hi, asking her age]

She: 25..

Me *obligated*: oh you don’t look 25 either.

Then 10 mnts followed talking about her major in college, my major, her work, my work, Mexico, India, her family, mine, her siblings, and the fact that I have none. Of course no conversation with me can go without mention of the food, so we talked about Mexican food, Indian food, music, and a lot more.

Just when I thought it was too much of talking for the day.

She: So you have a family here,

Me: No, I am not married, and my parents are back in India, and you? Do you have a room mate? Or you live alone?..

She: not alone..I live with my BOY FRIEND. he does not work out, he never comes here to the gym with me

Pheww what a way to end a 2 mile run.

Anyways, it turns out we did speak for next 20 minutes that we were in the gym, and as it was totally empty just the two of us, she did put her ipod on the public music dock, and we both talked about Shakira and also Italian opera. I had no clue what I was talking about when it came to opera, but then it was fun.

BTW on her insistence, I taught her to how to pronounce my name, and yeah her name is D…….La..

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  1. hee hee… tough luck! but you still stand a chance, you know! LOL…
    and congrats on finally having broken the ice… 🙂

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