I don’t know what to title this….


There are qualities in us which we are proud of, which we think are good, and are sure is the right one to possess. What if someday you begin to loathe yourself for the same thing?. Well it does not happen on a single day I agree, over time you see things around and feel how stupid you were before, or how wrong you were.

I am not liking the fact that people see me asexual, I mean I was at one time ,really happy to see people consider me a good friend, a good person to talk to, and share with, and just in any other guy who wants what men want. Well somewhere I miss that flavor in human relationships, or a possibility of a nonΒ  platonic relationship. I am so comfortable being platonic, I tend to settle for the same, and never move beyond. Worst part is that I feel even the other person feels the same way about me, platonic.

When you see yourself as of some kind, over years you tend to believe others too see you in the same way.


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    • Destination..It doe not matter what others think of you, but it matters how you see ourself, and what i meant in my last line is that, over time you tend to think that people see you in a way, that you see yourself as..

  1. I think.. you want more now πŸ™‚

    Also, its the vibes you give that makes ppl respond in kind.. it might be possible that someone wants to be aplatonic with you.. but doesnt know how to start.. coz of the inscrutable veneer you have.. cud be possible no ?

      • May be its just the age. When we are young we play around.. then there is studies and much much later its work, career.. I guess now career wise you are in a much better position.. and since ppl tend to “settle” down (read couple up) one do feel the need of coupling up πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

  2. since you are the one who first created your image, you will have to be the one to change it too… once you start being more outgoing, people will start seeing a different shade of you πŸ™‚ (you might have to go thru some trial runs lol πŸ˜› )

    • snow the image I create is in my own eye, I really don’t know how we create the image in others, I have a feeling , it is others who create an image of us, and not us who create an image in them.

  3. What you talk about here is my biggest hurdle, or to reframe, my greatest teacher… to come to have compassion and understanding for the aspects of my personality that I loathe…

  4. Well, when you tire of being one way, then you change and become the person you want to be. That’s what life’s all about – constantly changing, constantly growing, constantly striving to be who we want to be. It’s all quite normal! πŸ™‚

    • Kanagu..welcome here..you are right its us to spot the change, but then this was more about the fact how you begin to hate things you loved about yourself, and how you tend to believe that others think of you the same way as you think of yourself..

  5. For me, it’s actually been the reverse. I got my feelings hurt @ work, so I stopped talking to anyone unless I had to, to avoid it happening again. Well, people started to believe I’m misanthropic (which wasn’t the truth @ the beginning) & now I do, too. On one hand, it means I don’t have to deal w/ much gossip or irritation, but on the other I find myself feeling very lonely. Interesting the traps we get ourselves into, isn’t it?

  6. Well, usually, we are the victims of our own mindsets!… No heavy dose of advice, just a casual comment… no matter what you are seen as, don’t HATE yourself or anything…. just accept and try to change!

    Here’s wishing you a dashing, fun filled future πŸ˜‰

  7. I can tell you this, some things do change about self over a period of time. But as far as hating things that you loved once is concerned, that would mostly mean, now you are influenced a lot by the ‘others’ thought process or events have occured accordingly. Or, you are looking forward to change, for change. Coming out as the same ‘self’ over a period of time, with all the traits, while loving all the traits wuld be difficult. Personally, I used to love the ‘frank’ attitude I had. What you see is what you get. But since the past few months, I hate it…since it has landed me in trouble most of the times. And I do contemplate changing things…if u can know wat i mean .. !
    Do not worry too much abut others, and how they see you…see yourself the way you wanna see in the mirror and otherwise πŸ™‚

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