Give me a look;


I am back with a passage yet again from Milan’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being”. This one , I saved to ponder over more, before I post anything on it.

Kundera says “We all need some one to look at us. We can be divided into four categories according to the kind of look we wish to live under

The first category longs for the look of an infinite number of anonymous eye. in other words, for the look of the public.
The second category is made up of people who have vital need to be looked at by many known eyes.
The third category is the of people who need to be constantly for the eyes of the person they love.
The fourth and the rarest, the category of people who live in the imaginary eyes of those who are not present. They are the dreamers.

I tried to categorize myself into one of those, and somehow I found myself fitting into each of those. I have longed for many kind of looks through my life, and at time it has been public, at times known people, at times pair of imaginary eyes to follow me, and at rarest of the times someone who is a loved one.

Its strange what a pair of eye can do to us isn’t it?, how much ever we say others don’t matter to us, what they think, or weather they care about us does not make any difference to us. I would like to disagree with most of these thoughts, and I have always disagreed to such claims, atleast to me what people think about me matters, how they see me matters, and most importantly the thought of someone looking at me, gives me a feeling of being wanted, needed which is a big confidence booster.

Even though I like to categorize myself into the third category, I am afraid I would fit more into 1 and 2, and occasionally into 4.

So what category are you?.


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  1. a pair of eyes on you doesn’t always necessarily make you wanted.

    i’m a 4 btw. imaginary eyes on me all the time. so that i can really not care what they see 😀

  2. My suggestion- One thing you do, post your pic here and then see, how many eyes will be looking for you 😉
    First and third one fits for me the most. And at some or the other time, I have found myself hanging in all these categories.

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