Happy days


There are days when, for no reason, you reminisce about the past, specially the happiness from the past. It’s not that you are sad or anything, just your mind dwells in the pleasure territories from the past. Today has been one such day to me.

Today for no reason, I remembered the two most happy days from my life. The days when you are genuinely happy, unconditionally happy, not thinking about how you are gonna take it in the future, just be in the moment and feel a great amount of satisfaction.

Fortunately I have these two days in my memory bank.

One of them is the day I got my first job offer, I can still feel the high from that day. Even though Its been almost 7 years now. [Saumya, if you are reading this, can you believe its more than 7 years]. I can still feel the buzz you know.  I remember not being able to sleep all night, being all excited. I am not sure if I ever felt that happy ever since.

The second one, has to be another 6 years back into past. The day I my school called up one day before class 10 board results. Let me not dwell too much into it, but I will just say, its been one of the two most happy days in my life. Even though I reached the same feat 6 years later once again, the first time feeling is just too awesome.

So here goes for those happy days in each of our lives.


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  1. Wow, 7 years is a long time… I can still remember those days so vividly.. Happy times 🙂 And yes, I do remember the day you got your offer .. Late in the night 😉 Awesome!

  2. 7 Years !! Been so looong….It generally takes time for ‘happiness’ to sink in…for me, always the day after the big news has been happier 😀

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