How do I turn the d*** thing off!


Tap!, that’s all I had to do to get the tap flowing.

You pretty much don’t have any concerns left, once you find a loo after having to hold your pee for a long time, the relief is almost heavenly.

Wait, Tapping the thing did open the faucet in the sink, but how do I turn the d*** thing off?.

I start with the basic stuff,
twist it right,
twist it left,
pull it,
push it,
even try to move it slantingly.

Nothing seem to work.

TADA!, mentos, dimak ki batti jale de!.

There must be an automatic sensor some where. Genius begins to search for the sensors, it began with a
Wave in front of the faucet,
then below the tap.
behind the tap???..
ah forget it

There must be a switch somewhere, the hunt for the switch begins, and also for my patience..

Am I like being punked or something?, am I looking into a camera?, look around, no one except me.

What If I just walk out, nobody will know its me. what if they had a secret camera in here, i would sound so stupid..


*cunningly smiling*, ah the kids are gonna wash their hands, I can just copy them.

D*** kids, they had no business in here, they are just talking.

Finally, one kid is doing his thing, he should come in here soon to wash his hands.

Oh, how long does he take, its weird washing your hands for this long, what would the kids think of me.

Ah the kid is approaching, good.. Does he really have to apply soap for such a long time??…anyways he is almost its his turn to turn of the tap..ah I am so close to the end of my misery.


Kid tries pretty much all the things I tried, and gives up and coolly walks out.

So Your’s truly, follows the leader.

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