Power and comfort


Mankind has always been behind power. Power has been supposedly the biggest quencher of ego thirst, or even for that matter, a confidence booster, and a materialistic satisfier for as along as we can remember.

Very few can handle power well, I am not talking about how people make use of that power, instead I am talking about how few people are not comfortable of being in possession of that power.

Is it because we are comfortable being powered around?

Is it that we do not want to be the one to bell the cat, and be struck with being the one who has to stand up, be the bad one, and convey hard rules to people?

Is it because, its easy to be one amongst the rest, rather than one above a few?.

Is it just a matter of transition, just like anything new, we are taking time to get eased into it.

Is it that we are terrible leaders, and not wired to handle power.

Is it that we are afraid of the owning upto consequences which are inevitable with power.

any thoughts?


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  1. I don’t know the answers to your questions… but your questions make more questions for me… like What is power? What happens when you don’t use power? which is kind of like your being one amongst the rest… How do you know when you have power and when you do not? You say a lot about power, but your title includes comfort? Are you saying that no power is comfort? I don’t think so!!!!

    • Lea its more to do at the individual level, how much are you comfortable with the power you have, are you afraid to use it?, do you over use it..things like that

  2. To be powerful means to come out of the known secured position where there are many.. to accompany.. to stand out.. to be culpable.. if you are in power.. if you make mistakes.. not just you are affected.. but your followers too

    being a follower is like an audience.. and being in power means to be performer in the circus .. forever.. to walk on the razorblade it does require talent.. way diff from the rest

  3. Perhaps, some of us are not 100% sure of our selves in order to be in charge? Or, maybe we believe in equality and that no one person should be above the others? Or, we are just plain lazy? Or…..is it that TRUE POWER does not involve ordering others around or telling em what to do because true power lies within us and has nothing to do with the material? OR……

  4. Perhaps it is because with great power comes great responsibility.
    Few of us are confident or maybe even efficient enough to handle this responsibility, for the powerful have the task (or so we hope) of looking out for the weaker.
    And when anything comes with responsibility tagging along, we do not like it much.
    We would love to lounge around, basking in our power while someone else does the hard work and that is true for most human beings.

  5. Agree with what CR said.. 🙂 With power lies responsibility, being in charge of the route to the outcome and a sense of contributing to the consequences or outcomes.. However, I have noticed that most power-holders are either unaware of the larger effect they have on their surroundings or simply doesn’t want the responsibility of owning the outcome.. Empty or unrestrained power that isn’t backed up by ownership of actions is just too dangerous at times!

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