A-lone Musquito


I have been so crazily busy over last few days. Probably my mind is so pre-occupied that I am not able to think straight, and hence no posts either.

Its been more than three months since I moved here, and many things have changed. Firstly I no longer compare Fort Worth to Chandler, and crib how good Chandler was. I am no longer complaining about how far the things are. The enthusiasm I had to cook new things have come down drastically, and has now been replaced with trying food at new places, and different cuisines. I haven’t cribbed about the weather in long time now, and also I have stopped losing weight as my body has got adjusted to running.

More or less my life has settled into its new routine, which involves crazy slogging during weekdays, eating out on Fridays and Saturdays, wandering whole of saturday, and lazing the whole of Sunday. Gobbling up a book per week, and talking for about 10 mnts daily with my parents.

It is is that time from the move, when people begin to ask when are you coming back, and how long do you have to stay. Honestly like the last time, I am liking this independence and alone-ness.  This is kind of keeping me away from all the things I want to run from, and I am loving it. This makes me wonder about a few decisions I took some time back, specially about staying back in India when many of my friends decided to go out. I do not think I am attracted by the charm of this country, but i think I am attracted to this independance and freedom I am enjoying. I am kind of liking this no one around bit. Right now, I just don’t want this to end soon.

I know people always say, accept the change, move on gracefully. I have never been a person who likes change, I have been more of a mosquito, who thrives in stagnant water. I don’t like that stillness being shaken.

Anyhow, that said, end of my stay here is not in sight right now, and not for atleast 3 more months.  Until the next storm which can leave pockets of water for me to settle into, its adios from musquito at the lone star state.

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  1. I don’t know why, even I lost interest in cooking, after having started with a lot of enthusiasm! Maybe it is laziness. But professionally, this is one of the best periods of my life as I am trying to do something on my own. So, after jogging for a while, does your body get adjusted to it and stop losing weight? I am about to begin, so any tips would be helpful.

    Destination Infinity

    • DI..I would rather put it as enthusiasm has gone over to trying new
      things,primarily food, which has been kind of my thing for as long as I can
      remember 🙂
      As far as jogging goes, in my case it goes like this, when you put a thing
      in use which has not been used for quite some time, it is bound to react
      isn’t it?. may be my body got the shock for sometime, and then pretty much
      got used to it. I lost about 7 pounds in 2 months, and then it has been just
      one more pound in 3rd month. So lets see how it goes

  2. well it sounds to me like you are doing famously and are really learning to enjoy yourself and your time here… i am so happy to hear that,, as i was wondering about how you were getting on.

  3. Its great you are enjoying this time by yourself. I sometimes find myself craving for the same too. With regard to cooking, I have started experimenting now 🙂 And as you can guess, it is almost always a disaster. Poor Nikhil is the willful bakra 😉

  4. I agree to Saumya! I crave that space too wherein I can simply get lost into oblivion.. but then sooner or later things we run from catch up with us.. and when they do.. mostly they are in worse shape.

  5. Hmm…retrospection !! I so miss the ‘freedom’ factor. You have got used to the lifestyle , sooner or later you would wanna run away from that to. Saw myself in a situation where this entire thought was in the ‘Pro’s of being @ USA’ and the heavier ‘CON’ was … ‘ AWAY from home’ !!! Enjoy while this freedom and alone-ness lasts 😀

    • pari, I think you hit the nail on the head, sooner or later I want to run away from that to, but somehow I am not worrying about the later part, and loving just the freedom one :), and its really not the country which Is doing that much good to me, its more the time I have on my hand

  6. first of all, thanks for changing the template!! makes the blog look ‘happier’ 🙂 i don’t know how a blog can be happy or not, but that’s how it is for me! secondly, it’s cool to enjoy a bit of alone time, i think. just a phase, after a while, u’ll be craving for lots of noise 😆 oh n i liked the way u summarized your weekly routine in one para. i need to get my things in order too, right now it’s running in all different directions lol 🙄

  7. Become the proverbial fly on the wall…..fly from room to room to room….enjoy and savior the moment for it will eventualy end and if you dont get about, you will, in the future, regret the time spent, sitting in the stagnant water…. 🙂

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