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Absolute Vanilla mentioned about the movie “Stealing beauty” on her tag, and made me curious about it so about a week back I watched the movie.

I was kind of fascinated by an idea in the movie, and it has occupied my brain for a large amount of its sane hours. This was not the main idea of the movie, nor did come across as the point of it, but it is the best thing I took out of the movie.

I don’t know what people call it, or how it should be addressed. I call it “community living”.  This post is all about how excited I am about the idea and how I would love to implement it some day.  Just to give you guys a hint, how important this idea is to me, this is the only other idea which I would love to implement in real life, apart from the adoption dream which I have for years now.

Anyways, coming back to the topic. For years Indians and Indian culture has projected to be high on family values, known to thrive under joint family, and nuclear families are a strictly frowned upon concept, moving out is an almost non existent, and living alone never heard of.  How much of these is really true?. I know joint families still exist, and people still live with their parents, but lets talk in percentages, do we really believe we are at the same place in society where once we were?. Honestly, I don’t think so. I do admit, my idea of India is way too localized to urban India, and honestly don’t know how it is in rural parts. One of the bad things about urbanization has been the rich and a wide rift it has put between the urban and the rural people.

I think I am wandering too much away from the topic. Coming back to community living. The idea goes like this, now when the society has evolved to an extent, where we do not share our lives with our relatives, or rather people who are related to us by blood, are we loosing the idea of community life?.

How wonderful it would be that, if a bunch of like minded people gathered together and lived in a single house. Of course, this has nothing to do with a ‘loving together’ in the cliched sense that has been projected by the media. This is purely at the social level, how would it be if people shared a dining table after a hard day at work, where one can talk with people who are interested in the same things as them, share an opinion, and just really live together.

I do understand that, there is going to be privacy issues, and a whole lot of problems which were a part of joint family system. But I just think all those problems will be too less, when compared to the good things that this would bring out.

Just picture some of the most important people in your life, friends, colleagues,  activity partners, friends of friends, or even strange people who have similar interests living under one roof, how cool would that be, where you need not have to go back home after a lovely meal, because you all stay there together. How your weekends can be full of activities which you love to do together. With all this, when you want privacy you have your own room to go to.

It’s so much similar to the old age homes, but the difference is you are not old, you still have the zeal and energy to do anything you want, you have physical strength to do anything you wish to, and then when you gradually grow older you have people to bond with, people are interdependent, rather than dependent.

I just love the idea.

I closed my eyes and imagined every single conversation I had wished did not end, every single day or event which I shared with people which I wished happened more often, the people whose houses I had wanted not to leave just because they don’t live at my house, or I don’t live at theirs. Just imagine all of them in your room everyday anytime you want. Isn’t that fun?.

Its NOT going to be all rosy, I do know. Its going to be really fun at the beginning and going to slowly show its bad face, and people whom you wanted to be with, may not seem livable with.

Again isn’t this worth an experiment?,  so what if we fail, we can always go back to where we were, but then just think about how great it would be if were to be a success?.

Any thoughts guys?.

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  1. i for one would be a raving lunatic if i had to live with a house full of people.. i need my space.. i need my down time… i don’t mind a visit,, but damn it they need to go home….. i just went thru this scenario yesterday and was so frazzled by the end of the day i had to go to bed at 630 pm just to make it thru the rest of the day,,,,

  2. at first sight, this idea seems fantabulous.. but then i think it would start getting boring after a while.. that’s all i can think of hmm

  3. Yeah I would love it when you are able to choose who you would want to live with rather than whom somebody else has chosen u to live with .. Its a great concept!!

  4. Once you have babies, your life is so hectic that there is no time for boredom anyways. I think staying close by and meeting up on weekends/birthdays/marriages is a better idea. Everyday would be just too much!

  5. Fantastic as concept. Practically implementation difficulties. I think socializing with closed circle of people you want to share your life with is still there. It need not call for staying under the same roof. At the end of the day I need my home as I want to not just my room !! Old age home is a completely paid or free service where somebody takes care of your needs.

  6. The community-living thing is happening in various places around the country (and world). I think it is a fabulous idea, and I think we see the results of not living in/with community everyday–violence, little respect for others/life, suicide d/t depression which can stem from feeling alone/isolated.

    Even if I don’t move into your community, I’d love to come pitch my tent and visit often 🙂

  7. I dont think I would.. I find living together a lot of strain.. i dream of being able to live alone.. of having ppl visit but they should return and leave me to my island of solitude 🙂

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