Scaling new heights


Guys I am talking idiocy and stupidity today, can I stoop lower?. If anyone were to ask me to rate myself, on a scale of 1 to 10, how stupid I have been or the heights of idiocy I have scaled, I would probably rate myself 100. Thats how much stupid I feel today.

I wanted this to be a discreet post, and just mention the super score I have reached, but then on a second thought I decided to list few things which took me to those heights

*My mom always said this to me as a kid, then followed it up when I went to college, and when I started to work, she kind of reinforces this every single chance she gets. Not even a single time, I agreed with her at any levels regarding this, but today after a visit to a restaurant, I kind of had a thought she might have been right. She always says “Rambler!, if you don’t contribute  some money to a shopkeeper’s register, you cant sleep, can you?”

*Paying attention to details has never been my thing has it?, Thai Rice N Noodles, is not same as Thai Rice Noodles, who misses that?

*Eggplant parmesan is an Italian dish, and Japanese eggplants are not really the same, definitely not when they are cooked instead of fried.

*In the US, even though you just need to cross a street to get to the other corner of the interaction, its not really a good idea to use the pedestrian crosswalks when you have a car. Specially when it is a 8 lane street.

*Just because others can break rules in the parking lots, it does not mean you can try doing that

*Can’t assume people really follow stop signs

*Can’t believe everything you see, just because you spot eggs and croissants does not mean there is no smoked bacon inside. Unlike Taco Bell, you got to think about things inside the bun.

*Just because a lady walks out of men’s trial room, does not give you reasons to hit the panic button, and rush out to check the board again

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