Does Media think?


I read about this great child participant in one of the talent shows over “here“, Me being a big fan of new voices, had to check out this new girl who was supposed to be amazing. I started googling for an online place where I can watch the show and the singer.Yep the girl Shalini is very talented, it would be interesting to know how she can adopt to other genres of songs.

As I was watching the show, which began with a cheap imitation of the hum – tum type of animation, but with a kiddo touch to it, for few minutes I was annoyed at the plagiarism, and lack of original ideas in the media these days, but the worst was to follow.

The format of the show did not require virtual compere’s, but to attract kids probably they threw in some animation. They needed a story plot to keep the narration going right, so what did they choose, boys vs girls. I don’t understand one thing, why do they want to make everything battle of the sexes, atleast please leave the kids out of this.

For the Nth time,  its not a boy or a girl who won or win these talent shows, it is the talent and their musical ability. If you can’t see this simple fact, you should not be creating a musical show. I have seen this being used in every single talent show being shown on TV, last 3 seasons its a boy who is winning, so this time we want it to be a girl. I generally don’t use swear words, but these lines on TV makes me wanna say WTF is wrong with you people, don’t you want a good singer to win, who cares whats dangling or absent down there,  on that person.

When you take kids below 10 and make a show, I am sure the target audience is mainly kids as well. When kids are watching, and every now and then someone comes up to them and says, girls need to win this time, or the boys are much better, what message are we sending?. In the era where we speak of gender bias, isn’t this a biggest example of it?. when will we grow up and start accepting responsibilities to tell the right things to people, and not focus on this mindless sexist propaganda which for some reason media thinks motivates people.

There have been really famous people who have come in these shows and made these remarks, and everytime I have heard about that, I have lost the respect for that person.

I am not sure when the media realizes, its not a war of the sexes out there. I was and am still am, one of those extremely competitive people. I may not win in all of them, but I always sulk and wine and try to compete in every possible thing, but it has always been competition with a person and has never been with the gender. I don’t think that is a big deal, because I have never met anyone who says, man I got to beat someone because I dont want women winning it. Be honest guys how many of you have spoken to or even felt this one. Lets assume some of us are not up to the mark and do feel this way, but do we want our next generation to be on the same lines?.

Now having said all this, I do admit that I am nothing but just a whiner, I do continue to watch those shows and be furious when they continue to do such idotic mistakes.

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  1. Don’t know but I somehow I can’t watch reality shows especially when kids are invloved, there are many reasons besides the ones you mentioned!

  2. About Shalini Amazing is the word !! 🙂
    About these reality shows I have rested my case long back; there is hardly any real about them. Sa Re Ga Ma was one of the best music show once and most difficult to crack ! Good old days *sigh*

  3. I stopped watching tv in 1997. I’ll see if I can check her out on youtube. Your complaints about the media are exactly why I ditched tv.

  4. Havent seen her.. but I remember I watched some kids on Airtel super singr or something years back.. they were amazing.. media is really helping bring out talents these days 🙂 but reality shows have their set of issues. like the one you said!!

  5. I think the media does things because it sells. The majority of people seems to enjoy this kind of thing but I agree Not my cup of tea either

  6. Wish to write about kids show since a long time. Your post makes me think more louder. Would be writing soon.

    I hate kids show. Not that they aren’t good, but so much of competition thrown across at such a tender age is just not right !! My heart breaks to see them cry when they lose, and worse of all — their parents sitting in the audience are also sobbing !! Dude, wake up —- ur kid is on the TV !! Ain’t that enuff?!!

  7. I completely agree on the ‘battle’ of sexes part where all it is, is a talent show!! I don’t watch much TV but these mushrooming of talent shows repel me….and barring a few, most have such ordinary talent that I don’t know what happens to all these ‘stars’ once the show ends…specially with kids performing on stage and the judges commenting how he or she is a ‘complete’ package et al and how these kids have lost out on their childhood (yes, even if its their choice) in this race and ‘doll’ up for these shows to wow sms votes. We never hear of them again….Ok enough whining!

  8. I haven’t seen the show in question but here’s my take: The battle of the sexes is probably the oldest and most unresolvable debates ever. At some point of time you realise that it isn’t a debate that has any real resolution. The two genders are not equal, biologically speaking. Everything else is conditioning after birth and no matter how all of us rage and strain against it, all these centuries of conditioning aren’t going anywhere in a hurry.

    Why then do we continue to indulge in it? Simply because it’s fun, it’s a topic that never dries up, never fails to evoke a response. (Ask me, I write a blog on it!). That said, you raise an interesting point. It probably isn’t healthy to actively encourage this competing between the sexes. And then again, whoever said television and popular media was ever good for you?

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