Random Randomness #0609


Random Randomness is back guys..

Random Creativity:
Sheer talent and creativity in this poem amuses me, people can be so talented, and considering that they are still so young in terms of age, and yet to have so many new experiences, makes it even more amusing. But currently I am just bowled over by this poem by a fellow blogger Felicity titled “Escape Velocity

Random Announcements:
Its official, I can no longer fit into my old pants. I have dropped down more than 2 inches, and pants of my old size now can slide down my hips, I dont know if it is good or bad, but I can tell you I am not complaining. The beer belly shows up occasionally but as long as I can keep it under check I think I should be fine. The new waist size is kind of a dilemma when I go clothes shopping as I doubt if I will stay at this size so am confused to buy the old size which I no longer fit into, or go for the new one which I may not stay in for a long time.

Random Realization:
I am always quick to note changes in me, and this time as well I wasn’t late. I always wondered about American food habits, the idea of a breakfast bar never appealed to me, corn flakes always felt like an after breakfast snack, never enough, and 6:30pm always a snack time to me rather than dinner. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not judging anyone, just that I could never see myself having a bar for breakfast. Yesterday, I realized, I kind of had a 11:30 lunch, a 2 O clock grande shake for a snack, and dinner at 6pm. Just surprising how we change/adopt to our surroundings even without realizing. As far as breakfast goes, for a man who has grown up on big heavy breakfast, the idea of a breakfast bar still appears alien, however I seem to have accepted the idea of considering a tall milk shake as a filling item of food, and not just a side as it used to be.

Random Book-ies:
I am having a little off time when it comes to books, not getting hold of good ones. I finished reading the “The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir” by Bill Bryson. It was an okey sort of book, did not enjoy reading it much. I followed that with an impulsive pick at the library titled “Dancing naked” by Mary Rogers. This was some localized literature, a collection of memoirs from texans, and I thought it would be good to know more about local people, unfortunately it turned out to be too repetitive and found it boring to read, I ended up giving up after half the book, I could not keep myself going.

Random Foodie:
The weekend has been good so far food wise. Have you ever felt drunk on cheese?, I got to experience this on Friday night. A visit to a local Italian restaurant meant that I got to try something new, baked ziti, made vegetarian by order. This was something people recommended online, and hence  I tried. It was good and in right quantity, but it had so much of cheeze, at the end of the meal, I kind of had a cheeze hangover of sorts. Saturday was time for some hispanic food, and it didnt disappoint either.

Random Realities:
This weekend for the first time in almost 5 months here, I felt lonely. I am not sure why this weekend, but I kind of felt a need for company, I wanted someone to talk to, someone whom I could hang out with. I wasn’t desperate, but definitely the want was there. I had my usual set of  books and movies, but the mood wasn’t there, infact I did not want to call up anyone either, just missed people around, may be a good coffee,  or a laughter with people would have helped.

Random Entertainment.
I have been having a good streak when it comes to movies, a number of old hindi movies which I have been wanting to watch for a long time now, or have watched so long back and have forgotten, It began with Teesri manzil, followed it up with “Woh Kaun thi’, ‘Kaalapani”, “Chasme Baddur”, “Katha”. even though none of them were extra ordinary enough to force me to watch them again, but it was fun to watch them and enjoyed the music as well.

Random Humor:
Watching movies reminds me of some late night humor, the other night I was watching the movie “kaalapani” lying on living room floor. Of course I had a stack of pringles and a bottle of beer by my side for my share of refreshments, As i began watching the movie, sipping beer once in a while, the movie did grow on me, but there was one more thing which grew on me quicker, that was my sleep. Suddenly I was startled by a splash of something on my face, it turns out that I had dozed off watching the movie, and its been over 45 minutes, and suddenly the open bottle of beer in my hand had splashed onto my face. Poor me, had to wash the blanket and pillow case to get rid of the smell.

Random Wonders;
I have always wondered whats the USP of twitter, I have never understood why people would be interested in what I  got to say like N times a day, more importantly does anyone in this world care to read and follow me so often?, I dont know the twitter has never caught onto me. Knowing how late I am to adopt to the new  “in’ things, its not a surprise that twitter is not a big hit in rambler world, so far.


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  1. Have you read “Kafka on the Shore”? It’s really great-much better than the Bryson book (though, I liked the Bryson as well).

  2. Hi Rambler You never completely adapt to another culture but I think it is great to keep your own culture and pick the best things from another.
    Love Italien food and spanish too. I signed up for twitter but never really understood the sense of it either so never used it

    • I do not know how to put it, its more like a norm thing, and somehow you get used to it unknowingly.
      Marja welcome to my club, or rather take me in.

  3. The logic behind a blog applies to twitter as well. Why would anyone in the world would be interested to read through your blog and if they do they would be interested to read your tweets as well. Even though I agree Tweeter is overrated and there is much ado about the whole tweet thingy I am still loving it ! It is fun for sure 😛

  4. Ah! nice to read this after a long time now 🙂

    Buy clothes for the new size.. one of the reasons that would make you want to stay thin 🙂

    hmm I u\s what you mean.. I feel lonely sometimes but dont want to call anyone or receive call even.. i guess happens to every one of us…

    LOL@ about the beer..

    Old movies are fun to watch 🙂

    Oh btw twitter can be fun once you get hang of it..

  5. Sounds like life is fun, given all your randomnesses!
    And as for Twitter – I joined and I totally don’t see the point, I mean, like, who cares? Right?
    Oh, and mind the cheese – they say eating too much cheese in one sitting can give you nightmares! 🙂

  6. Thank you infinitely for this.
    I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have someone say something like this about my work.
    It made me very very happy.
    Thanks again. 🙂

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