How could I miss the obvious


At 27 you cannot really say one is naive. I can say, I have seen world, a little, if not the whole. Its good enough amount of time to develop perceptions and thoughts over various subjects, develop views and establish priorities. Over time we focus so much on our views and our line of thought, we tend to ignore the other obvious things. Just because we dont see it as a possibility, or people around us do not think in those lines, we tend to forget the alternate lines. Some times most obvious ones end up being snubbed, just because we havent seen things that way.

Recently I was having a casual discussion on various topics with a friend, and suddenly a topic of concern to her came up. This topic has been a social concern for ages now, and for some reason I had never thought of it as a major concern because it never happens around us. Just consider something like preventing a widow remarriage, female infanticide, pressure for a male child etc.. To be honest, these are the most alien things to me, because I have never seen or heard of cases such as these in my immediate family or in my social circle. So I am kind of blinded to such issues, I do not think much about them, nor think they are serious issues. But honestly we all know they do exist in our society. When someone comes up to you and asks, “would you insist on a male child?”, you would say a big NO, and think is this a real concern?, but when you think about it from the others perspective it probably is a big concern, because every day we see so many cases reported in newspapers about such problems.

At the end the concern makes more sense than my view, or rather lack of it towards the concern, and leaves me wondering how could I miss such an obvious one.


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