Random Randomness #26/2009


Random Comebacks:
Its been almost 3 months since I pursued something pure, this weekend pure pursuits has made a comeback guys, check out my insecurities.

Random Pleasures:
There are simple things which can bring you greatest of the pleasures. It had been a long long time, since I had two things to the side of my rice, not that I cannot cook them, just have not been doing that. Sunday afternoon, for some reason I decided to cook two things apart from the curds, so it was like a proper lunch at home. Three servings of rice, with two sides and curds, such a simple path to an afternoon of bliss. lo

Random Wonders:
I have never believed in telepathy, just one of those things which keeps puzzling scientists around the world, and to you it just means one of fancy miracles not meant for common people. Put strangely I have had almost three situations where I am forced to think otherwise. I am almost sure its just a coincidence, but if you just go by definitions, It would be hard for me to not to categorize them as telepathy, well one good thing has been all three have made things better and  not worse, so am not complaining 🙂

Random Movies:
I had read good reviews of the movie ‘hangover” at more than one place, so caught it online on friday night. Unfortunately, I did not like it even for a bit, not my brand of humor at all. May be its one of those movies which impressed almost everyone but me, just like the Titanic.

Random Vacation:
Guys its vacation time once again, Independence day has brought some freedom to me,  I am off to New york and from there to Niagara falls for two days, the other two days is not yet planned, and might be spent in some beach town along the Atlantic coast. I would have just sprung in joy normally at a thought of such a vacation, let me just say it hasn’t happened so far this time around.

Random Weather:
The weekend has been HOT, with temperatures reaching 107/8 on Saturday, it makes me realize how shielded we are in Bangalore with extremities when it comes to weather. The humidity was horrible, I got a headache when I walked in the sun for about 3 blocks on friday evening, and I dont think I can wear jeans and walk in this heat anymore, shorts are a must I guess.

Random Realization:
Words can be so harsh, even a simple comment can really hurt others, so guys I request please watch what you say, however close the friend is, even if you do not mean what you are saying, please be careful with the words you choose, people can be hurt real bad with them. Just do not make careless statements, specially when you don’t know how much the topic you are speaking about means to that person.

Random Yearnings:
You remember the game show, KBC? or for non Indians, “Who wants to be a millionaire”, you remember one of the lifelines “Phone A Friend’?. Well I really wanted to use that option this weekend.


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  1. Looks like you are missing people. Looks like you must pick up the phone and dial the number of at least one close friend 🙂

  2. Call the friend..pronto
    Or better yet, we are online most of the times and miss the talks we had had before 🙂
    As for words, I totally agree, yet, must admit that I have been guilty of throwing them out without considering their effect and feeling terribly guilty later. Perhaps, it is because some people are used to talk before thinking (like me)

  3. Good point about words & comments. I’ve lost 2 good friends by just being honest about how I felt about something they did. Sometimes it’s a good thing to just keep your mouth shut.

  4. Have a fabulous weekend. My husband grew up in Wilson, NY, a TINY town of about 1500 really close to Niagara Falls on Lake Ontario. Beautiful there this time of year.

    Thanks for your random musings. Love ’em.

  5. Completely agree with the realization…I have realized it too recently….and envy you for the awesome weather..its been cold and rainy for a long time here in Boston 😦

    And I believe in subconscious minds connecting with each other rather than telepathy, else how would you explain chemistry with some people and not at all with some others…

    Hope you used the helpline 🙂

  6. You going to New York…cool, I went there for a day, did not quite like it, so please click pictures when u go there and show them to me and make me like the place 🙂

    Have a nice time…

    and phone a friend…u can do it anytime right?

  7. Whoa… It finally opened…. high time !!!
    so a vacation is good… I hope the weather is better in NY,

    I like the random realization… Somehow I am guilty of commiting this mistake often, though i am trying to really change..

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