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soapy tales..

Nope it does not have anything to do with the Singer/Vj Sophie..whom I used to refer to as soapy all the time..

As I walked the hallway of a mall yesterday, I saw this plycard which read 50% on a new product,  “Foaming shower gel“. It was packaged more like the shaving foam, with a press release button on top.  I wanted to try the product out, but just realized home much I am stuck with the old generation of bar soaps.

First came the liquid soap, it was marketted heavily in India, but some how only thing it caught on was as an hand wash.

Few years back, came the shower gel. Isnt it the same as liquid soap, I wondered. Apparently it is not, its no longer a liquid but a gel. For a dumb end user like me, its a thicker liquid soap. I tried using them, and was never happy with it.  They are meant for showers, and I always shower and not the traditional use of bucket which is more common in parts of India where I come from. I thought it makes more sense to use it when you use a bucket and not when you shower. Anyways shower gel, a big flop with me. I kind of have stacked up all unused gel from the combo packs which were so damn cheap last time I was in the US. I think Axe has a good way of getting rid of their stock, by making them combo with their deodorants.

Anyways coming back to the foaming gel, ts probably the next innovation in the soap industry, may be it will take  a while before it hits Indian market. For people like me who are stuck in age old world of bar soaps, I don’t see anything in the radar which can replace them for me.

6 thoughts on “soapy tales..

  1. Foaming gel is it? Once, there was a Gilette executive sitting next to me in an inter city bus. We picked up conversation and he said Gillette was going to introducing shaving gel and went on for 15 minutes about its advantages. Then at last he asked – Would you try it? I just said ‘no’ and had a good sleep!! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  2. Hi Rambler, thumba dina aitu!!!
    As for this post, I digress to say that I am totally in love with the fragrance of my father’s after-shave lotion! : )

    1. yep tumba dina swat..
      well smells are my area too..but then this is just the ease, or lack of it when we use shower gel vs a normal bar soap

  3. Oh there is whole lot of things when it comes to bath and shower. This is just the tip of ice-berg 😉
    Sometime back someone tried selling me “bath pebbles” which turned out small round soaps. 😛 I loved the name none the less !!

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