Random randomness #28/09


Guys this time around, I have slightly changed my randomness post, instead of the usual format, I have just listed the thoughts, because I felt these are something which I want to get out of me, and not really dwell about them.


It must be so easy for kids, all they got to do is cry, to be taken home.

The questions are so easy to answer, when there are only right and wrong answers.

Over years you build up an image of yourself in your own eye, you build theories you believe in and most of them are those you “ought to” and not “actually” believe in.

The worst part of murphy’s law is that it always comes true when its the worst time for it to be true.

You thought real life stories do not have an end, unfortunately every single episode does begin, does have its good and bad moments, and it does end. In some cases its a happy ending, and in some others, not so happy one. But the key is just like the stories, it does end.

Some fear the ending, some want it to end, but its really of not use, the moment where it ends is so quick, you will neither get to enjoy it nor dread it. Both the happiness or sadness, are just an aftermath.

Wish Amazon.com sold something like this “no stress chess” for our life, we could just pick a card, and make a move.

No, I am not bitter, nor sour, nor sweet. I wish, that was the truth.


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  1. So true about the happiness or sadness being the aftermath….
    actually all of it….i like this random version of randomness, cos its not organized…..just some random thoughts… 🙂

  2. To choose between two answers is easier You have 50% change Life is more complicated Yes you get formed by your culture and family and these believes will stay with you forever unless you challenge them and look closely at them
    yes I’ve encountered Murphy’s law

  3. Murphy’s law has always come true..

    Hmm, life is not a fairy tale. It has its own ups and downs. It doesnt end unless you want it to end.

  4. I think it would be nice to be able to go back to childhood and not have to deal with complications. Most children have fairly simplistic.

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