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Void of Shadows

You found me in a room,
Full of skeletons,
of  dead and gone.
With clocks struck,
backwards in time,
Walls full of calendars,
from years gone by.

A tornado of darkness,
Ready to engulf.
The Present,
Stuck in the jaws, of past.

Blindfolded by the light
You lead me,
Into a room,
Void of shadows.

8 thoughts on “Void of Shadows

  1. Shadows are created where there is light 🙂
    And can it be that we like them
    Those shadows that peek and move
    Tantalising us
    With the hint of the dark…
    I love the poem by the way

    1. shadows are like mirages, elusive and attractive..we like them, and easily fall for them, but unlike other miracles of light, shadows are either left behind, or run way ahead of us.

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