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Ounces of happiness.

I have had more than one occasions in recent past, where I have felt immense happiness from things which may otherwise be not even visible to me or to others.

At times it has been the tone of a voice, or a want of an explanation, a hint of possessiveness, a feeling of rage, or even for that matter ability to fight to stand up for oneself, a little showcase of vulnerabilities, sharing insecurities, or for that matter a little want of togetherness, and discovery of a feeling which is mutual.

I think we all are wired to feel happy, and tend to find happiness in every single corner of our life, may be its because of that we end up feeling unhappy, because we are always in quest for happiness.
So one might ask is happiness overrated? is it that we tend to focus too much on happiness, making us want it so much that we end up being unhappy?.

Sometimes I have a feeling that happiness is a sort of weakness, which we stumble upon easily. Even a slight hint, we pounce on it like as though we spotted gold, and try to dig as much we can out of it. Take it home, clean it, put it in a safe, making sure it lasts as much as it can, and try to shield it from wear and tear of daily life.

I write this post, knowing well, that swords are always on the edge, and tomorrow is always a mystery. I am not sure about the fate of the little ounces of happiness which I have found recently, nor am I aware if they will last a long time.

This time I really don’t want to shield it, I want to leave the pot of gold out in the open, if it sparkles forever then I couldn’t ask for anything more. If it disappears tomorrow when I wake up, I guess I would be satisfied for enjoying it in the most natural way I could have done it.

All I could do right now, is be thankful, and enjoy it.

18 thoughts on “Ounces of happiness.

      1. Hi Rambler,
        I have been a follower of your blog for about 2-3 months now and i have enjoyed lot of your posts. But this one triggered me to post a comment immediately 🙂

  1. Why don’t you and I share a common goal? My daily goal is to make at least one person smile. We know we can do much more but if we can keep this in mind and share it with others, who knows what a reaction we can create!

  2. Wow! Happiness is not overrated. We find happiness in the smallest of things and gestures. If a person is in a desert and he needs water, then, drinking a glass of water makes him/her happy. If I am a fan of rap music, then, I would be happy to meet Eminem. If I am a kind of person who likes to watch the seasons change, then, I will very happy to get the smell of water touching mud when it rains.

    I like this post of yours Rambler!

    1. Thanks Bubbles. Well do you think wanting the happiness to last forever is what makes it overrated, a thirsty man feels happy with water, but soon he begins to worry what if water gets over, so he begins to stall his happiness and save it for know what I mean

  3. Absolutely lovable post. I love that thought of not shielding your happiness, not hiding it, of leaving it out in the open to survive on its own.
    Beautifully framed words there..
    As of now, I have found happiness in this post of yours 🙂

  4. As I read your post I thought perhaps you meant joy? Happiness to me at least is contentment and it is a slightly longer lasting than joy.

    1. Well not really ..why do we have to thing that happiness should be longer lasting, actually you bring a interesting point how do we differentiate the two

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