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I wish, I had the proof.

I clearly remember a conversation we had in person some time back, and the whole conversation flashed back to me when I read something that was written by the same person.

I was told not to think too much about friendships, and just enjoy them when it lasts. I so much want to tell that person, he/she is wrong, and friendships are things which you should not really give up on, they are things that should be constantly worked on, things wherein, when you see a slack, it should be worked at harder. A friendship which one values is worth all the effort.

Every time I think I want to make my point to that person, and let him/her know how wrong she is, there another thing which makes me stop. I end up wanting to cite an example of our own friendship, and how much we value it. How the person is wrong to think about it that way, but I guess I end up seeing the irony in the point I am trying to make. So end up keeping silent.

“We” becomes a wrong usage when it comes to valuing a relationship or friendship, hardly in any of these, both the people involved value what they have in equal amounts, even if they do, its very difficult to convince each other.

Anyways, someday I hope I have things to show how much friendships are worth, and not really something which one has to enjoy when it lasts, its not something which comes and goes. Probably friendships are those which lasts, weather there is enjoyment or not, and they dont come or go easily.

Then we come back to the same question, I can give, or that person can give me 100 examples how I am wrong, and I guess until I have something prove, I have no choice but to just blog about it here.

7 thoughts on “I wish, I had the proof.

  1. Friendship or any relationship for that matter can be as complicated or as simple as we make it…..And I truly believe in chemistry…..I hope you never have to give a proof…..
    But sometimes, friendships have their own ups and downs…and very rarely, the downs can last for a long long time….
    I guess I went off-track…well written though…friendships are my favorite topic to brood about 🙂

  2. Well, I think it lasts as long as you really want it to last.
    One has to invest, emotionally.

  3. It really depends on the friends you are talking about. There are some friends that you will have your whole life-as long as you work on the friendship. Those are the ones you care enough too. But then there are the casual friends in your life that you enjoy being around-but you aren’t epecially close and you don’t really see your friendship in terms of a lifetime friendship.

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