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Counting blessings

I have been a little happy today, feeling sort of blessed. I decided to list why I feel blessed so that, the next low I hit, I can go through these and get back to the happy me.

I feel blessed to have a manager, who asks me, if I am overloaded and offers to offload some work.

I feel blessed to have a job with a reasoable security, at a time I see people going through rough times.

I feel blessed for the tongue which makes me enjoy food made by, even me.

I feel blessed for experiencing a feeling of liking someone, and being liked by the same person.

I feel blessed for having someone, who does not mind my silly requests, even close to middle of the night.

I feel blessed for getting introduced to a passion, which was kind of deep rooted, and was just waiting to find a vent

I feel blessed to know few wonderful people online, who have helped me answer some tough questions, have gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable using their own life as an example.

I feel blessed to have few friends who still make the effort and ignore my slacks in our frienships

I feel blessed to have a set of parents who put up with me even after ugly my snaps back at them.

I feel blessed to be able to breather a sense of peace once in a while amidst chaos of life.

I feel blessed to find the bubbles which brought the effervescense which was lacking in my brew.

I feel blessed.

18 thoughts on “Counting blessings

  1. aaawww…thats such a sweet post!!
    “Count ur blessings” is such a neat task 🙂 Have fun rambler!

  2. Bravo! It must be contagious. I’m feelin’ pretty blessed myself, lately. 🙂 Good to hear you’re happy.

  3. That is a nice happy post…
    neat task actually…
    friends, family, happiness.. what else do you need…

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