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Random Randomness #31/09

Random Weekends:
This weekend has been really relaxing, physically I mean. Good food, good sleep, right amount of television. It was just the way I needed it, relaxing. Apart from all this, its been a very special weekend, one which I might not forget for a long time, its when you you are relaxed and not thinking much is when thoughts strike you, and realizations hit upon you. Some realizations make a weekend really special. Sometimes all it takes it a writing pad you pick up to make a list of groceries you want to buy, words just flow.

Random Dreams:
I had this strange dream last night, that I am on a vacation with my granny. All through the vacation she does not get food of her choice and she is kind of disappointed. On the last day, on our way back we spot the right restaurant when the bus stops for a bathroom break. We both get in, and its like a self service place and for some reason he does not sell us food. This is the point where I woke up, and have been trying to make sense out of this dream all day and needless to say I have no clue.

Random Friday Nights:
There are some days where you make stupid expenditure, you just spend the money and feel like a total retard and seriously begin to doubt if you can get drunk without alcohol. Friday night, was one such for me.

Random Wonders:
Have you ever wondered why we attach gender to adjectives, why is she a “beautiful” and he a ‘handsome”, why isn’t he a “pretty”, and why isn’t she a “hunk”?. Well if you wonder why I am talking about sexes today its all because, its odd when  “I” cannot be “smitten”.

Random Happiness:
Last couple of weekends I have had something which I haven’t had in a long time, A hearty argument with a friend. Well if you wonder how can an argument be hearty, you got to listen to us argue and fight. I have a friend, whom I have known since tenth grade, we met at a class we took together, then we did our under grad in the same college, and then we did our grad college together. [P.S S if you are reading this, you know whom I am talking about]. Probably I will never meet a person ever in my life whom I can argue with, so much as I do with P, and at the end of it still be happy about the experience, there has hardly ever been a winner, its never been a tie either. Its simple, its not fought to be won, its just a high adrenaline, exchange of views at top of our voices almost making the phone lines redundant. We have had almost 2 hour phone calls back to back, over last couple of weeks, discussing patterns of Indian behavior abroad, problems when people marry young, alternate theories to evolution, and the latest “is astrology a science”. If you think I am opinionated, wait till you meet my friend P. Anyways the point is, this is probably one thing I miss a lot from my college days. Having a hearty argument, with a friend, who does not give up what he believes in, and does not mind being questioned and cross questioned every single sentence, of course we cant forget the questioning is always both the ways.

Random Humor:
One of the disadvantages of being only in platonic relations for all your adult life, is that, you don’t really have control on what you talk about. You can talk about who you think is hot without having to think for second. When you a special friend asks you, whats on your mind and what are you going to blog about today, telling her that, I think I will blog about how stunning Shruthi Hassan is, that too instinctively, is probably not a good idea. If you think that was worse, trying to defend your choice of word ‘stunning’ by using how talented she is as a singer, is probably the worst :).

Random Books:
I finished reading Persepolis2. I had heard so much about the series, may be thats the reason the book failed to impress me, I felt it was just ok, nothing special. Even though this was my first graphic novel, and I liked the idea of a graphic novel, the book was not impressive at all.

6 thoughts on “Random Randomness #31/09

  1. I know who you are talking about 😛 Its amazing how people can actually be so opinionated and love arguments. I just hate arguments. Somehow it gives me the impression that it may spoil relationships. But it does not seem so in your case 🙂

    My weekend was pretty lazy, was home, did a little window shopping for ideas for the home. Lets see how it turns out to be

  2. I love that dream of yours. I love dreams that make no visible sense on the surface but I am convinced they have a deep meaning hidden in them. Just got to figure out a way to decrypt that…but then again, ignorance is bliss! 🙂

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