Confession box #1


I am not a catholic, but I think the idea of a confessional is one of the coolest ideas which originated from a practice more common in Catholics. The idea of confessing something, is the first step towards admitting something we have done wrong, more importantly admission helps us to correct ourselves, or come out of the denial and take corrective measures. So I am going to start this new series, where I would confess my various day to day guilts as and when I face them. I warn you guys it will be boring. So here goes my first one


I think I can be horribly stubborn and insensitive at times, and being cold does not help either. I was all this to a friend recently, and I feel horrible about it. As I have mentioned in the “wanna think” section here, “If you look for them, you will always find some reasons, so why look”, I can find some 100 reasons as to why I did that, and defend myself, but still that would not make what I did, right. May be next time around, when I am being stubborn, cold and insensitive, I will remember this confession, and try to not be what I don’t want to be.


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  1. I also love the idea of absolution from your “sins” through confession. In my world, however, I’ve exhibited those same faults you’re confessing to an extreme. My having confessed may be beneficial in the long run, but the reactions are quite uncomfortable @ the moment.

    • hmm Autumn absolution is not what I think I was looking for, may be it was..I am a little confused. It would be nice to read about the reactions you got..

  2. Sometimes we do things we believe in. Just cuz u might not agree a 100% with what someone else is saying, doesn’t mean you’re cold/insensitive. Just need to talk things through, you’ll probably realize you were worrying for nothing.

  3. Dear Rambler,
    This is quite a brave thing you’re doing here. It is often more difficult to own up to our own faults than to do almost anything else. Way to go! 🙂

  4. you can’t be perfect all the time…:D

    still, if you did feel that you were insensitive, there’s always the phone to set things right again…

  5. Sometimes I think about these these lines…”If you look for them, you will always find some reasons, so why look” too often, may be a part of me want to know more, want to gather whatever aspects are possible and then for bad, I myself lands-up in more negativity.
    And don’t think that we will get bored!!

  6. For once I agree with this confession box thing.Being self critic is best thing. One for hearing the same thing from some else hurts like nothing else. and second it keeps you rooted. As Saumya said acceptance is first step. Learning from mistakes is all matters and makes us more human.

    • BlueMist..confessions may not be always about being critical, it might be about accepting your shortcomings. I think there might be a small difference. hmm I dont know how much I learn from my mistake, but this is just to acknowledge a mistake..hopefully I dont snub more of my shortcomings

      • and if one is refusing to make the correction despite knowing short comings ; there is no point to that acceptance or acknowledge. One who learns from mistakes is human ; to go on repeating it despite the awareness; makes no sense to me.

  7. Well my friend once said that everytime she is angry on someone for some imagined hurt she quickly reminds herself of the way that friend had gone out of his/her way to be there for her…

    May be thats what you can do for the friend.. go out of the way to make that friend special and then he/her would forgive you 🙂

    For when we feel guilty thats what we want. forgiveness no?

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