Catch you at the coffee machine


Best thing about a social community is the variety it has to offer. What better community to observe, than the workplace where we spend so much of our time. One place I get to meet and observe amusing people is the coffee machine. I am sure each of us have our own coffee machine stories, but have you ever tried to see how different we are, and we show so much of us, in the 5 seconds we share at the coffee pot.

There are people who are so engrossed they don’t seem to have time to smile at others in the queue. They seem to have just walked out of a hard day at home, engrossed in work or other worries, just too occupied to enjoy the moment.

Then there those bubbly types, who seem to make me see sunshine in the hallway, chirpy with “mornings” on their lips, and wishes and smiles always. I always have a thought that how many of them have a bubbly mask to hide the real feeling.

Then there are those like me, who are caught humming every time they pick up a coffee, and embarrassed to the core catching someone behind them unexpectedly. Its as though the coffee pot appears like karaoke to them, not sure what is it about a morning which makes them wanna hum our favorite song.

Then there are those, who seem to have emptied all the perfume in their closet onto their clothes. Its as though they want to hide the faintest smell of their originality, as much as they want to hide every bit of their aroma. Nothing is worse than having to get headache on the way to one thing which can cure it.

Then there are those unruly types who don’t care a little bit of others, how difficult is to read a poster which is put up right next to the coffee pot, which says “please brew a new pot before picking up the one at the brew”. Its like they are just too selfish to care about others, as long as they get what they want, they really dont care if others have to wait for a long time.

Then there are those sweet people, who tend to be really helpful and clean up other’s mess. They pick up the tissues and wipe the desk around the pot, or refill the sugar etc. They really do think a  lot about others, may be they always have, coffee is just a way to showcase their habits.

One coffee machine..One work place..One community..and a whole lot of life


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  1. Really….I remember one guy in my office who almost takes5-10 mins to take coffee….But I like to observe him as how he does everything! Its sometime funny!!

  2. Hey….bang on with the observations 🙂
    While reading I was trying to wonder which one am I…and turns out I have behaved in most of the ways at one time or another depending on my mood….

    It is actually a good portrayal of how one’s mood might affect the behavior and how others can pick it up at the most mundane of places 🙂

    As usual…lovely post!

  3. and there are those like me who don’t drink vending machine coffee but prefer to walk to barista in the top floor and enjoy long conversations with friend and make people wonder how long it takes to finish a cup of tea 😛

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