Random Randomness #34/09


Random Phonies:
Its fun when people around you have no clue whats going on, and they come up with some really odd explanation to your change in behavior, like for instance my dad checks with me the other day, “What’s up with you, sound so happy..did you just have a great nap”, even though his guess was not even close to reality, I just could not help but be amazed at his observation. Someway down the road you forget that people around you are as observant as you are, and they pick up smallest of the clues, be it a fellow blogger who thinks I am thinking out of the box, or more than one friend being surprised by my post which said long phone conversations. Infact that change in me surprised myself too, I was never the person who talked for a long time on phone, well life does bring changes in you.

Random Writing:
Suddenly it appears as if I have so much to say, my drafts on the wordpress have increased in number, even though I will think about when, how and if I will publish all of them, it feels good to be back to writing, and the thoughts flowing freely.

Random Tweets;
I have finally caved in and surrendered to world of twitter. I don’t know how long I will last, but until then here you go people, you can follow me here.

Random Thoughts:
Have you ever felt like you want to share a whole lot of stuff, and really didn’t know whom to share it with?, I am thinking of a possible acquaintance whom I can talk about a subject. Well you might ask, wasn’t this blog supposed to be that?, A friend whom I can share anything with. I guess another change is in the order, I want someone who can respond and give me real time views on subject I have on mind. I hope I find just the person with the right equation for this…

Random Movies:
Today has been a movie day, unexpectedly I had a lot of free time today and I caught up on some movies on the TV, Firstly it was Before Sunrise on IFC,  my second watch of the movie, I must tell you I am still impressed, the quotes are just too good for this to be just a movie. What followed that was a lovely Swedish movie, which I liked immensely. The movie is called “My life as a dog”,. It was just the movie I would recommend to someone who likes my kind of movies 🙂

Random Self Advice:
“Don’t be ready to detach, stay detached”, Something I have failed over and over at in my life, is staying detached. I don’t want to see myself go through this routine again of saying to myself detach detach, when I get more and more attached. I just don’t want to do that, what should a person to stay detached?, not care, forget to be passionate, close his eyes, what should I do.

Random Realities:
I just had incredible weekend, something I want to relive over and over again. I guess its not too weird to thank everyone who made this weekend what it was.


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  1. Can we hope more posts from you then? Any poems? I miss your poems!

    @Random thoughts. I know what you mean! I sometime yearn for someone to read my heart coz I cant seem to u\s what I feel!

    @ movies.. Ah before sunrise is amazing isnt it ? Actually in reality we never would spend such an evening with stranger.. but if we do.. how amazing no ?

    @ advice.. being detached is not my kind of thing.. I wud rather burn then remain cold!

    • Winnie. I guess I did post a poem 🙂

      I don’t know, may be we will spend such an evening, I would love to have a conversation with a stranger like in that movie
      Winnie, you know I too would burn, well burning can be painful, where as cold can be numb..so I guess some of us chose pain over numbness.

  2. we are never static…every new experience awakens a chain reaction..random sequence of you may call it! We can never design to be detached…some of us are not designed to be detached! Life in moderation? naahh!

  3. I know the clue that you are talking about 😉
    Finish them up, for whom are you waiting……
    Welcome to Twitter 🙂
    And random thought, I have landed there so many times!!

  4. Rambler: The detachment is not from the process, merely the outcome. Even when the problems at hand are complex and emotional in nature, a certain amount of detachment enables logical and reasonable resolution. It is difficult to come to a state of detachment where you still care but it is worth it.

  5. whenever I talk to my parents on the phone, they seem to pick up on stuff just from hearing my voice It’s kind of weird.

    Sometimes I really wish I had more time to write.

  6. I always tell myself that I will never get attached, pretend not to care, not get emotional but it never goes that way.
    I get attached.
    One heck of a problem.

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