The beginning of the end.


Most of us find it difficult to say goodbyes, and wish we could say good byes easily. I guess somethings are more painful then goodbyes, like when you see a goodbye coming, when you think goodbye would be what ‘this’ would end up in, the time you spot the beginning of the ‘end’.

It could be as simple as a weekend, when you wake up after a nap on Sunday afternoon, and you kind of know the end has begun. Its exact feeling when you are towards the end of your vacation, like the penultimate day, or the last one, its just painful to think its going to end.

I guess everything in life is a process, nothing is stable, everything begins low, builds up, reaches peak, then the descent begins. The build up is a whole lot fun, like friday morning, the build up to the weekend sounds so much fun,  like when you prepare for a vacation, make reservations, the ascent is so much fun. But what goes up has to come down, and when you spot the descent, the feeling you get is one of the worst one can ever feel.

One of the quotes which always motivates me  “Every song needs to end, but thats no reason not to enjoy the music”. Just because there is going to be descent you would not want to not enjoy this ascent?, or the future ones which are going to punctuate your life isn’t it?. One wouldn’t stop enjoying the friday’s, just because you know Sunday night is going to end the fun isn’t it?.

All said and done, some idiots like  me, begin friday evenings in fear of sunday evenings.

I am sure you guys would have known this is not about weekends, and there is a lot more to it then a mere weekend. Well I can’t help but see the beginning of an end, I don’t know if it is just a fear, or a notion, or signs of real things to come. I just can’t stop fearing the end, and linking every single event to a possible ‘begin’. If you know what I mean.

Some how the descent is much painful then the fall.

I just wish every time I get a feeling of descent, I had something like the jet pack from “Dangerous Dave“.


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  1. “All said and done, some idiots like me, begin friday evenings in fear of sunday evenings.”

    “If you know what I mean.”
    Nope we don’t, pliss to enlighten us 😛

  2. I start feelin sad on Sunday evening generally, thinkin about monday blues…never the less, hate the pain of ending…. sigh !! Its bitter !!

    PS: I like that game a lot 🙂

  3. Some how the descent is much painful then the fall. May be when you are falling, you hardly realize what’s happenning but the descent you can see when you are in absolute sense, you realize it, you foresee yourself going through that path and that’s why i guess it is more painful. Equivalently, once the exam starts it gets finished in 3 hours and you hardly realize it during the exam, but the feeling that exam is coming is more scary, isn’t it :P?

  4. “Every song needs to end, but thats no reason not to enjoy the music”
    This is what keeps us going isnt it ?
    When we sit down for Sunday dinner, I cant help but dread the same routine again. But then there is always next weekend.
    This beginning and end drama happens in almost everything.

    Interestingly, Delhi Times had this article which said that it was Wednesday which caused more blues than monday !!

  5. There are no beginnings or ends if you see everything as a cycle.
    Hard to do, but I know your pain if it is directly proportional to how much value, that interim period between beginning and end, has for you!

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