Age for idolism


Have you ever wondered why you felt so bad when an idol of yours is no more?, or when a favorite singer of yours bows out of the race due to competition, or a favorite actor of yours ages horribly and still hangs around annoying the hell out all movie goers?. Have you ever felt, why on earth didn’t I move and replace the idol the with the current crop of people, have you ever wondered why you never got impressed as much as you had before?. Its not that the new people on the block or less talented, just the could never mean as much to you as what the earlier person meant. Have you ever wondered?.

Recently when I heard Sonu Nigam do his bit with Kylie Minogue, it pained me a lot to see what he has become. He is and will remain my favorite singer for long long time, but then look how limited number of songs he has been getting lately, and the quality of them, least said the better. There was a time when his songs in movie like “Tere Liye”, which never saw the light of the big screen made me listen to them with all my attention, there is something in his voice which just appeals to me. Today its just really painful to see the horrible songs he gets to sing.

Salman khan, the bad kid of bollywood, the least liked actor amongst the intellectual movie watchers, one who doesn’t know how to dance well, nor even have courage nor ability to do different kind of roles, but he is someone who I loved watching on screen.  I just liked watching his movies, period. There was no logic behind that. But lately watched in couple of trailers, which made me think, this is it,  the end is in sight for this fellow.

Whats interests me the most is that, after them I don’t see anyone influence me the way they did, I will never be waiting for an album from another singer like the way I waited for the album “Mausum”, or the way I wanted for the movie “Khamoshi” to release. I just dont see myself that way.

I guess it has to be the age, the age when we are open to be influenced, once we move out of it, we just dont care about these things like the way we did. We no longer form this larger than life images in our head, you listen to you a song its just music, you watch a movie its just an actor. The idea of idolism is long gone with that age.

I now understand how my dad never grew out of Rafi, or why my granny never grew over rajkumar, or for that matter a teenager never gets of Patrick Swayze.

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  1. i see what you’re saying… it’s that impressionable age that makes us adore some actor/singer.. can’t imagine doing the same when we grow up.. growing up is boring lol we stop reveling in petty dreams that once used to make us smile all day long… i think, while growing up, we lose something.. or like someone famously said, we lose it! 😆 😉

  2. idols go hand in hand with idealism and dreams….an essential product of our youth. As we age, we become jaded but somewhere deep inside we hold on to the idol from our youth and days of innocence.

  3. Yeah, been thinking the same about Sonu nigam.. Where is the dude? I think his voice has either gone for a toss or the industry has tossed him out for all the high handedness when he was at the top. ..

  4. When I heard a song sung by Lata Mangeshkar, during earlier times, I was surprised… I had heard only the songs that she sung in the late 90’s before that! Some people should gracefully retire… when they know that their peak is well behind them… I think it depends on how much higher a person can get – the more tougher it is to come down…

    Destination Infinity

  5. About Sonu, may be you should check out my page. This guy IS amazing. Have you had the opportunity to listen to his latest Kannada songs?
    yello maLe aagide indu, tangaaLiyou beesutide…
    nijana, nanena, ninna jote joteyagiruve….

    and a lot others. These days I’m hooked to the radio switchin channels only to catch one of his songs. I’m not sure… he’s still the Dude!!

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