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Just an other question.. or is it?

Its been 12 days and still I haven’t got a good word out of me, not that I am running low on thoughts, just haven’t been writing. I keep telling people who ask me about my absence from the blog world that I am busy, which I actually am, lots and lots of work, but when I can make some time to read not one but two books in a fortnight, watch two movies over the weekend, hit the state fair, why is it that I am not writing. The question still puzzles me a bit, why I am not writing.

I guess one way to deal with it, is to just forget about it and spit whats on your mind.

Well this is not something which is on my mind right now. This is more of something which will be on my mind for quite sometime from now. It all began with one wise lady making a statement. Here I quote her “There is a thin line between wanting to know everything and caring“.

I have been thinking about it for a while now, how many times have I crossed that line, how many times have I asked too much, how many times have I intruded someone in the name of caring, how many times have I told myself that wasn’t intrusion but just that I am a little more passionate.

It’s tough to answer these questions isn’t it, because if we were to know it was intrusion may be we wouldn’t have gone ahead with it, if we knew this question takes us past the line we wouldn’t ask it.

Here comes the tricky part, when you see your line is being crossed, and your loved one is crossing the line, and he/she doesnt even know about it, would you let the person cross the line?, or just be a little stern and let them know about it.

I know the obvious answer, does seem to be, to let them know about it. It’s always good to be honest in a relationship, but then we have to take one thing into consideration here, you might be hurting the other person. Nah I dont believe that the people should be strong enough to take the truth, the truth is that no man/woman really want to know the truth, not when it is bitter, not in all its bitterness. I guess most of us like our truth to be given to us with a little sugar coating, in right dosages and in sort of a way which would boot start us in the right direction. If it weren’t for the sugar-coated pills, so many of us would have preferred to die a horrible death, then take the bitter medicine.

Coming back to the topic of intrusion, I am one of those who hates being questioned. I have always hated when my mom’s questions, and never answered her with a straight face, but then when it comes to asking them, am worse than my mom. I can be really inquisitive. The statement the lady made really made me wonder how many times I have come across as being intrusive.

One just doesn’t see under their own nose, do they?.

5 thoughts on “Just an other question.. or is it?

  1. That’s right – Intrusion especially if we do it doesn’t get noticed (by ourselves), but when others does it to us, we notice it,dissect it, analyze it and what not! It is a skill to have the talent to look at ourselves in other’s shoes… but it is very difficult to achieve… But I think it is better to take the bitter pill right away, than getting them in sugar coated instalments… It doesn’t make much difference anyway.

    Destination Infinity

  2. Well said.. sometimes I have to check myself before I cross that line.. sometimes maybe I do cross it and dont even realise it.. once we start thinking about it, its easier to be more careful!!

  3. True! I guess there indeed is a thin line.. sometimes I dont mind it at all.. sometimes I want the other person to probe deeper as i dont want to face it myself.. at others I dont want.. and when i dont.. i let them know in a very sweet way 🙂

  4. A very thin line, agreed.
    It’s very intresting thought actually.
    I have crossed the line sometimes in the name of being ‘caring’ and apologised afterwards.
    If someone deos it to me, I dont tell them outright, I dawdle, procrastinate a little and let them know in as you say ” with sugar coating”.

  5. Difficult question really. Most of the time we miss the obvious. The rule should be universal…what applies to me applies to others….but it kind of gets blurred often. I have often held myself literally from asking that one more question, though my mind and heart would be on overdrive…and I always appreciate if someone puts up their hand and said no more. I will back off. No, the truth is necessary for a healthy relationship. Yes it hurts, but it brings perspective and and most often respect. Its a thin line, yes and we are bound to cross them at times. When we know are are, we should step back and apologize.

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