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34 days to go…….

I do know I haven’t written a real post in a long time. Not that I am going to write one now, just too pre-occupied to do my usual doze of thinking.

No, I am not loaded highly with work, come on, its holiday season here.

No, I haven’t been bitten by a snake, literally or figuratively.

No, I haven’t stopped reading, I am getting my daily doze of things to think about.

No, I haven’t stopped social interaction, I do get my regular dosage of social musings.

So why am I not thinking blogworthy, makes me wonder.  It’s as though someone magically removed blogging from my head, its like go live the exact life you were living, but just don’t think about blogging.

So until the real blogger wakes up, please don’t go away, I promise he will wake up soon.

34 days to go……………..

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What would you be

If I were to give you 100$ today to spend, at the end of the day you check your pockets and find 55$ left, would you be happy that you saved 55$ or sad that you spent 45$?.

If  you were careful enough, may be, you could have saved 60 or 65.

If you were stingy, may be you could have saved 80$

If you were a little less careful, you could have saved like 40$

So with 55$ what would you feel?

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Rambler gets a new face, a new identity

I am not sure how many of you have already noticed this, Rambler has got a new face, a new identity.

If you are wondering where and how, just check the pic on comments, does something look odd?.












has become









Now you might wonder whats the difference, Rambler was faceless before, and still continues to be faceless.

For starters the “was” was a stolen one from a generous website from the internet, “had become” has been shot by Rambler himself.

The “was” indicated a bunch of identities, and he thought, all of them were in his own hands, He could be what he wanted to be, the way he want himself to be.

The “was” also indicated a clear demarcation of various identities, and how each aspect of Rambler was so clearly etched out from the other.

The “was” stood for moods which made Rambler take up different masks, and just fit into them as though he had been like that forever.

Time does bring in change,

The clear demarcations have merged into one single blob, it’s no longer a bunch of identities, but rather one single big blur of characteristics. Moods are there but more of a bundle of colors running wild. Rambler has also realized it’s not in his hand, and the being in control was an illusion.

When you look at the “has become” and concentrate, you can see the clear etches, however few seconds more of focused staring puts you back into a state of blur.

So ladies and gentlemen, presenting the new Rambler.

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Lazy wanderings

I think, over time, some of us become the brands we admire, like in my case ‘lazy boy’.

Since I have been lazy and not really writing my travelogues [Even though I love to write the], just being lazy, I decided to post few pics from my wanderings.

Standing at the peer, with my buddies, and a drink, I thought may be it was the drink which put in an orange filter to my views, turns out my camera was drunk too.

Sunset at Key West
Sunset at Key West

What if there was a painting competition, and the winning paintings were chosen to be made into a real life landscape on earth. I think this place could have been one of them

South beach, Florida
White sands from South beach, Florida

One fine Saturday morning, we decided to walk into a cavern full of natural wonders, and here is what we found

Natural  Bridge Caverns, SA, TX
A sneal peak into the natural bridge caverns, SA, TX

So what does a tired guy after the cave walk do?, chose to do the river walk.

Steps across the river walk, SA, TX
Steps across the river walk, SA, TX

Then we chose to drive across a stream up in Oklahoma, which had a hint of colors, more like a preview of the real thing

Drive across the stream, Turner Falls, OK
Drive across the stream, Turner Falls, OK

Then we hit upon the Turner Falls, the actual cascade of white water

Natural pool beneath the Turner Falls, OK
Natural pool beneath the Turner Falls, OK
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I need an App

Have you ever wondered where we get to make the easiest of the choices?, a single word “wardrobe” comes to my mind, of course some of my choosy friends might disagree with me, but then I am sure no one would argue with the amount of choices our wardrobe has to offer, at least in pure numbers it has to be the single biggest place for our choices. Have you ever wondered what if, we had a wardrobe of emotions to choose from, you wake up in the morning and go into your closet, and choose, ah there it is, this is the emotion I am gonna feel today. Wouldnt it be wonderful?.

I think its been a week now, since this thought came into my head, or rather should I say ‘our’ head, it was one of those short chats with a blogger friend, where we both at a point just fell for the idea of a wardrobe of emotions. If not her, I am sure I did.

I wish I could go to apple store, and they would say “We have an app for that”, wouldn’t that be amazing?.

I find people dancing in a wedding very funny, or rather embarrassing, I always wonder why do they embarrass themselves in public?, why would one want to dance on streets, I never saw the point.  When people hug and kiss at airports, or for that matter when people cry when someone is going away, I used to feel why do people need to be dramatic, isn’t this a little too much?.

If you ever thought human emotions are very complex, and many a times its difficult to even emote our real emotions, let me tell you I couldn’t have agreed with you more. But just that, guys, we are so much wrong. Human emotions are very simple, and we make it complex by not accepting them, or by trying to deny our urge to emote. For example a dancing in a wedding, is such a simple emotion of living one’s happiness. If someone [read me, or people like me] wants to just not act upon their emotions and just try to feel it half heartedly, then yep there you go, we successfully complicated such a simple emotion like happiness.

I have written over years about my issues with physical touch, I mean hugs are a big no to me, one can visibly see me embarrassed, in fact I am so much embarrassed that I would feel awkward if someone sent me a virtual hug, have many times wondered why. I always reasoned that hug is a very intimate way of expressing emotion, and  I have had issues with intimacy. But guess what, its all bull shit. I had a junk yard, for a mind, and had too much in there to realize its just a simple way to emote the bonding.

Why do we do this?, why do we get embarrassed to emote, why are men  embarrassed to cry, why do we think twice before hugging a friend be it the same or opposite sex, why do we think a hundred time before telling someone we missed you, why do we just don’t pick up a phone and tell a friend we need to talk more often, why are we afraid of taking our parents for an evening walk, why do you shy away when your grandmother wants to break a piece from her share of a sweet?.

I guess here’s the app I was looking for. It’s more than the wardrobe, its our hesitation to carry off, or flaunt what we have, which makes us hide things in our closet deep enough to make it not visible. We have to search for it because we have hidden it behind all our pseudo beliefs and restrictions.

So what say guys, anybody wants to try this with me?.

After a long time a new 21 day rule,

Wearing emotions.