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I need an App

Have you ever wondered where we get to make the easiest of the choices?, a single word “wardrobe” comes to my mind, of course some of my choosy friends might disagree with me, but then I am sure no one would argue with the amount of choices our wardrobe has to offer, at least in pure numbers it has to be the single biggest place for our choices. Have you ever wondered what if, we had a wardrobe of emotions to choose from, you wake up in the morning and go into your closet, and choose, ah there it is, this is the emotion I am gonna feel today. Wouldnt it be wonderful?.

I think its been a week now, since this thought came into my head, or rather should I say ‘our’ head, it was one of those short chats with a blogger friend, where we both at a point just fell for the idea of a wardrobe of emotions. If not her, I am sure I did.

I wish I could go to apple store, and they would say “We have an app for that”, wouldn’t that be amazing?.

I find people dancing in a wedding very funny, or rather embarrassing, I always wonder why do they embarrass themselves in public?, why would one want to dance on streets, I never saw the point.  When people hug and kiss at airports, or for that matter when people cry when someone is going away, I used to feel why do people need to be dramatic, isn’t this a little too much?.

If you ever thought human emotions are very complex, and many a times its difficult to even emote our real emotions, let me tell you I couldn’t have agreed with you more. But just that, guys, we are so much wrong. Human emotions are very simple, and we make it complex by not accepting them, or by trying to deny our urge to emote. For example a dancing in a wedding, is such a simple emotion of living one’s happiness. If someone [read me, or people like me] wants to just not act upon their emotions and just try to feel it half heartedly, then yep there you go, we successfully complicated such a simple emotion like happiness.

I have written over years about my issues with physical touch, I mean hugs are a big no to me, one can visibly see me embarrassed, in fact I am so much embarrassed that I would feel awkward if someone sent me a virtual hug, have many times wondered why. I always reasoned that hug is a very intimate way of expressing emotion, and  I have had issues with intimacy. But guess what, its all bull shit. I had a junk yard, for a mind, and had too much in there to realize its just a simple way to emote the bonding.

Why do we do this?, why do we get embarrassed to emote, why are men  embarrassed to cry, why do we think twice before hugging a friend be it the same or opposite sex, why do we think a hundred time before telling someone we missed you, why do we just don’t pick up a phone and tell a friend we need to talk more often, why are we afraid of taking our parents for an evening walk, why do you shy away when your grandmother wants to break a piece from her share of a sweet?.

I guess here’s the app I was looking for. It’s more than the wardrobe, its our hesitation to carry off, or flaunt what we have, which makes us hide things in our closet deep enough to make it not visible. We have to search for it because we have hidden it behind all our pseudo beliefs and restrictions.

So what say guys, anybody wants to try this with me?.

After a long time a new 21 day rule,

Wearing emotions.

5 thoughts on “I need an App

  1. I think I should try the reverse rule lol I wear my emotions on my sleeve and I’m wondering if I could tone it down a little lol 😉

  2. I rarely show much emotion. I’ll laugh with others, I do enjoy that…but most other emotions, I’m very private with. I very rarely cry in front of others (I always tell my friends, if you’ve seen me cry I consider you a true friend). I rarely show anger (though, when I do…I really show it).

    Hugs on the other hand…I do enjoy hugs, getting them…giving them. Hugs are nice.

  3. hmm. The idea of an emotion-wardrobe facinates me too. I remember the idea. However, I am quick to realise it’s not practical. If we KNEW what emotion to wear each day, it’s already pre-determined. And there will only be ONE emotion – happiness. Unless you suffer from manic depression, you would rarely choose any other emotion other than that. Then you know what will happen right? We will get bored. 🙂

    But the thought that we have ‘control’ over what to feel is reassuring. So then, I think I will order that App and keep it, but wouldn’t really use it like so many of these icons on my taskbar – never used but it feels good that they are there.

    Another thought – yes, we should LET ourselves FEEL the emotion completely. So dance in the rain, sing in the bus, splash the slush on a rainy day when noone’s around, hug a friend, cuddle that dirty puppy, squeeze a friend’s cheek, take a baby on the lap, smile at a stranger, help a colleague with the umbrella….why do we put such restrains… I know culturally, we have been so non-tactile specially outside immediate family or same gender that we actually hesitate and then it becomes a habit.

    So do we see the new and improved Rambler? Just 21 days plan is it? 🙂

  4. wow. impressive. if only wearing emotios was that easy. m sure its not as tough as we make it look, but at times how we feel isnt how we choose to feel. its got to do some with the things going on around us.

    most of the times we can pick n choose i know, but on rare occasions we have to succumb to surrounding atmosphere. and those rare times are not the best ones.

    good luck with ur 21 day rule. 🙂

  5. I love the idea
    I also love the idea of dancing on the streets, I think of it more as a celebration of life than to be awkward about (and I cannot dance at all). I haven’t exactly danced on the streets by the way, but am planning to at the next wedding 🙂
    And as for the 21 day rule, why not make it for more than that?

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