Rambler gets a new face, a new identity


I am not sure how many of you have already noticed this, Rambler has got a new face, a new identity.

If you are wondering where and how, just check the pic on comments, does something look odd?.














has become









Now you might wonder whats the difference, Rambler was faceless before, and still continues to be faceless.

For starters the “was” was a stolen one from a generous website from the internet, “had become” has been shot by Rambler himself.

The “was” indicated a bunch of identities, and he thought, all of them were in his own hands, He could be what he wanted to be, the way he want himself to be.

The “was” also indicated a clear demarcation of various identities, and how each aspect of Rambler was so clearly etched out from the other.

The “was” stood for moods which made Rambler take up different masks, and just fit into them as though he had been like that forever.

Time does bring in change,

The clear demarcations have merged into one single blob, it’s no longer a bunch of identities, but rather one single big blur of characteristics. Moods are there but more of a bundle of colors running wild. Rambler has also realized it’s not in his hand, and the being in control was an illusion.

When you look at the “has become” and concentrate, you can see the clear etches, however few seconds more of focused staring puts you back into a state of blur.

So ladies and gentlemen, presenting the new Rambler.


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  1. Aren’t we all different personas putting on a different mask when we interact in different situations. If you can combine them into one that’s great progress. I like your new identity It is like a little light or a fingerprint

  2. ahem. I am glad for the change. The ‘was’ happened to be borrowed from the movie with the same theme. I like the new blob and I like the orange. Reminds me of orange ice candy on a hot day!

  3. The new bright orange burst is nice…
    is it difficult realizing not everything is in your control ?
    I mean how do you get around to accepting it ?

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