Its been 4 days now. 4 days and 3 nights to be precise. I am back to my city, my streets, my house, my bed, my restroom. Only difference is that I no longer feel they are ‘mine’.

Looks like 11 months has changed the point of reference for “my” and “mine”. Even though I never fell in love with the city of Fort Worth, I just realized the unrealized bond I had with the city, my couch which was no more than a rented piece of luxury, turns out, meant a lot more to me. The extra soft bed which my house had to offer, even though hated for its softness, felt so much mine.

I switch on my TV, and my mind looks for TBS and science channel which I don’t get any longer, I look for my cooktop , and find my mom hogging the kitchen, I look for my refrigerator and find as if strangers have taken over the freeze space, I go to my restroom and the counter looks so different.

Yep you heard it mine, I think everything that was to with my house was mine, I had no one to answer to, and it had no one else to tend to. The chores and errands which were a sort of headache to begin with, had become a part of my life, something which I thought I would never miss, but turns out I do.

It had been just a month since the gang had formed, and now I am out of it, I miss every single person from it, the weekend fun, cooking at each other’s place, going out on every single occasion, the drink we used to enjoy.

At the end of 4 days, I am dying to get back to work, the idea of ‘rest’ is kind of unresting my mind.

I know this is a temporary thing, and my point of reference will soon change, but until then, I think I am missing my house, my life.

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  1. Perspective and change are interesting things… I can relate- that’s the same feeling I get when:
    a. my parents go away, the place becomes mine and my way, then they come back
    b. I go away, then come back home

    (Btw, I do love my parents, but also relate to this post ALOT!)

  2. Hi Rambler,
    Nice to read your post after quite sometime! Enjoy this phase just as it is and like you had mentioned, its going to be normal soon!

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