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This, That and Beyond

Its been a while since I put my thoughts onto a paper. Many things have changed, and I really wish I had time to document my mind over here, because I am sure I would have fun revisiting them some day down my life.

Lets assume you are cooking a meal, and you decide a particular ingredient is not so good for you, so you substitute it with an another not so harmful one, and you begin to do it every single time you cook the meal. Over days you get used to the substitute and you don’t really miss the original, with some more time you forget the original taste altogether. Suddenly you are forced a meal by someone and with the very first byte you realize what you have been missing all along.

I think relationship has been that ingredient in many of our lives, the one we have successfully substituted with friends, books, career and so on, and one does not really get the zing until one gets to taste the real stuff.

Substitutes are only good until you get to taste the real stuff.

The initial attraction is a very interesting phase of any new relationship, one tends to remember the looks, the colors, the smiles. The want to impress each other, forms such a delightful part of the budding relationship. I would be lying if I say I haven’t been attracted by one’s looks, and there have been many a days when you just look at your partner and then go wow, “It really suits her”, “she is looking more special today” and so on.

When I was in the surreal[not so bad :)] phase of enjoying the beauty, suddenly one night when I was trying to relive the day through memories, I was caught off guard, I went like, “Man I don’t remember how she looked today, did I really see her?, we did meet today, but how come I didn’t see her”. I guess someday you just move on, you stop seeing the person and start just meeting them. With time face just fades away, and that’s where you realize persona is such an important part of any relationship.

With time face just fades away…