Some of us tend to derive fun in depriving ourselves of few gleeful things nature provides us. People stopping to eat, in fear of those extra pounds which may eventually pile on their hips, no matter what; people not venturing out in fear of the flu, which will eventually catch them if it is destined to; people going all gaga over the protective layers of clothing around them in fear of the cold which will definitely find a way into their bodies.

A few tend to deprive themselves of things in fear of the emotions that they may end up bringing out in us. Like depriving themselves of a close friend in fear of  being deserted, depriving themselves of an emotional relationship in fear of the immense hurt caused by a possible betrayal, depriving themselves of human touch in fear of the emotional attachment it might bring through.

A lot I said in the second paragraph has to do with me, than a “someone”. The initial plan was to hide behind a “someone” and give a third person impression of my feelings, then It made me realize, that’s the point of the whole post, why deprive ourselves of what we want, or what we feel, in fear of something or the other.

So yep its me who deprived myself of all the things I said above and many more, but then this post was not about all the things I deprived myself of.

When by chance or by eventuality, you get things you deprived yourself off. Why can’t we be happy and calm about it, why does one have to be anxious, and develop a feeling of grabbing at those things?. Why does one go grab things one has deprived himself/herself.

Is it the time it has taken for the thing to come to me ?, or is it the case of the forbidden fruit. It makes me wonder.

Fears are never-ending, you come out of one, there’s another one waiting to frighten you.

Why does one go grab things one has deprived himself/herself.


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  1. I guess depriving of emotions part I agree; one should let go. Depriving from fattening food; I don’t agree. Little moments of holding back the binge takes long way. 😀

  2. When we deprive ourselves something we want, we are just forcing (or fooling) ouseleves to NOT want those certain things. Whether its an ice-cream, a gossip or an emotional outlet. Sooner or later, the bubble of patience bursts and we jump to take all we wanted. Its because we can no longer convince (or fool) ourselves once again that we end up getting greedy to grab.

    Nice post. Where have you vanished of late?

  3. It’s something I’ve noticed often- people choosing deprivation because they’re afraid of getting hurt, never realising how much more they’re hurting themselves by making that choice.

  4. Very bold post. But you should realize that you are born for your sake. Do what you want because eventually, it all boils down to being good to oneself. If you deny yourself the good and ‘desired’ things of life, then what is the purpose of existence. We all are here for ourselves.
    Just a suggestion..if you haven’t read the Fountainhead by Ayn Rand, just do it. Loads of things will be clarified.

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