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Sweet and Sour Crawl

Its been over two weeks since the ‘the’ day. I have been going to bed every single night, and waking up every single morning with a hope that it would have sunk in, I would wake up and feel that I am ‘married’, I can no longer wink at a passing woman, or get drawn by a sexy sarong, I can no longer appreciate a itsy bitsy dress, nor smile at a cute girl who for suspicious reasons is smiling at me while passing me. In short, it hasn’t sunk in that  I no longer have the freedom to do things which I did not do when I was single.

When I saw the movie monsoon wedding, I used to wonder is wedding such a big thing to actually make a movie on that theme, no offense Sooraj Barjatiya ji, I didn’t mention HAHK, or many other movies based on only wedding made by you. I did find an answer recently. For people who havent yet, here it goes. Yes, wedding is big enough to make a movie, just like a tornado or a twister is one. 3 days of series of embarrassment one after the other, with restrictions on when you get to pee, what you get to wear, whom you get to smile at, and do all this with no food.

As I sat there doing things which I wondered if there were any explanations as to why a sane person needs to do them, the view from the mantap is what killed me. I sat next to my beautiful wife to be, and overlooked from the mantap. I saw a bunch of yawning oldies trying to rewind into their wedding days, but beyond them were these kids, 10 year olds, 12 year olds, 6 year olds, running around, having fun, free fun, no bounds, no worries, no ties. Man, If I get to do things over, then I would in all probability run away three days before the wedding, but then, if I am forced into, then would ban all kids from attending the wedding. No way I am going to get tied looking at the free spirits.

Who said marriages aren’t subtle, they are, it slowly crawls its way into your bed room, in forms you could never imagine. Like one of the nights you wake up with a mysterious hand hits your face or tummy, and poof you realize half of  your bed space is gone, more than that, there is a strange looking doggy toy  between you and the other half. You feel the ‘crawl’ more when you find, your closet space is going away too. All the good stuff you stored up,  suddenly appears to be junk to people and it is forced to find its way to the attic. Bathroom is a whole different story. In simple worlds before you realize there’s so much of marriage already in your routine life.

I had read marriages need a lot of work, actually the reality is that marriages make you work. For example, I have lifted more weight then I could ever imagine, cleaned up storage spaces for hours which would make my manager proud, done stuff which I never knew I had talent for. Well the good thing is that its almost over, I mean the extra work part. Do I smell a evil grin?..aha I knew it was coming.

Well there is a good part too, being a foody I now have two plates to sample from. I discovered this on our first vacation, when I got my wife to stuff her plates with a whole lot of stuff  that I wanted try and was too lazy to make multiple trips to the buffet. I do get asked If I need coffee whenever I am found dizzy or not doing any worthwhile stuff, I also have a backup of stuff when on travel, just in case I forget something, there is a very good chance that my wife has a spare one,  if not I get to share her‘s.

Today I get to post a new post as my wife is back to work, and I have an extra day off before I get back to my work. This has left me with the whole bed left to myself, and no wonder I am enjoying a long nap in the afternoon.

Until next time, I leave you guys with this picture from our vacation .