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A tale of “enough”

“I have enough”, My father’s assurance, when, on a walk to a nearby shop, I search for my missing wallet. I hardly venture out without my wallet, but with dad around, I don’t really have to worry. I guess around the world with dad’s around, kids have to hardly worry about their wallets. “I have enough” must be the universal statement of fathers all around the world. No matter how much money fathers have in the pocket, it’s always “enough”. Philosophers around the world, who claim that money is never enough, no matter how much one has, surely haven’t gone out with their dad.

Father’s day is long gone, like many others over years, unacknowledged, uncelebrated. Suddenly out of the blue, a line I read in a short story by Kunal Basu, titled “Lenin’s Café”,  is making me nostalgic, nostalgic enough to actually pull my laptop out on my way to work, and key in this post.

My Father turns 60 in a few months of time, and is almost twice my age, has seen much harder times financially, and now is enjoying his retirement bliss. Its been almost 7 years since I started to earn my bread, and ever since have been in a tussle with my dad, to make him accept some of my monitory contribution towards our household. Every single time, it’s the same answer “I have enough”. Needless to say who looses the argument, every few months, when it surfaces.  Now that I have bubbles living with us, I thought I have a very strong case when the topic would come up again. Being the impatient, that I am, I brought this up few weeks after the wedding. No prizes for the outcome, there it was, the same answer “I have enough”.

I might be doing good, with a decent pay packet, much more than what my dad earned as a government employee, live alone his post retirement pension, but there are a few places, where I don’t even realize that I need to pay. Whenever I have fever or am slightly off with seasonal cold or fever, and we visit a doctor. As soon as the doctor writes the a prescription, I am out of the clinic. Hello!! Wait don’t you even consider paying the doctor once. Well the mind iis so tuned to the fact that “anna’ will pay the doctor, It does not even occur to my mind that its me the doctor is treating, and I need to pay up. When it comes to medicines, I have hardly brought my own medicines even once.

Being a foodie’s dad, isn’t easy either. He gets occasionally pulled to the bhel wala down the street. [Read occasionally as more than often J].. When I was a dependent, it was kind of his duty to pay, but later, it transformed into his right. There is no way I am going to get to pay for our short eats which we escape to, once in a while.

Still after all this, my dad is a little upset because he is yet to give me a wedding gift, and I have finally found an occasion to give back the answer “I have enough”.

This father’s day, I salute all the father’s out there in the world, who have always had enough for their kids, for years, giving a mental comfort which no amount of money can ever provide.