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Tales of joy

I don’t miss the old rambler,  I really dont miss my old “virtual ramblings”, I don’t miss the thoughts which once used to be  all over the place here.

I do miss the time I had to think, I do miss the opportunities which used to feed me.

I do miss my blogger friends, some whom I began to admire, and I still do, just that I have lost track of them.

My reader is overflowing, and I don’t wont to commit the crime of “mark them read”.

How does it feel when, one has drifter so far away that he  doesn’t feel the joy of coming back?.

I have the joy of starting something new, but miss the joy of “getting back”.

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Realizations are so dangerous, with every strike the fear grows, leaving us at a point of no return.

How fun would it be to “un-realize” something. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not talking about forgetting.

There is a huge difference between the two, I can easily forget that I had to buy something today, but would that make me un-realize that lack of joy in me, on purchase, or the lack of joy in the person, for whom the purchase was intended.