Would you


“My heart is always with those who deal with temptation by giving in to it”
I am just quoting “Ken Follett” whose book “The pillars of the earth” is my latest muse.

When you are face to face with a temptation, would you

a. Avoid the temptation in the first place

b. Give in to it, and get over it

c. Fight the temptation, and hope to defeat it

I guess in most of the situations the answer has been ‘Avoid the temptation’ in my case. Just like any other difficult decisions I need to make, best way to deal with it, is avoiding to make those decisions.

It makes me feel like a spineless wuss, but is effective.

One of the best way to deal with any emotion is to feel it completely and that helps you get over it. The line is one of remains from a book I read long time back. Would you deal with a temptation in that way?, would you give in to it, and get over with it?.

Sounds stupid to me. But I have always been a bad risk taker, or rather non risk taker.

On the other hand, every crime committed by a criminal is the last crime before his liberation, atleast to him. Every temptation given into, might turn out to be the last one before one gets over it.

One cannot deny that, its really fun to give into temptations, be it a bar of chocolates in one’s case, or a huge case filled with notes for others.


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  1. Oh I believe in jumping right in and giving in to the emotion!
    For when are you fully alive except when you let yourself be fully blown by your emotions; of course it can lead to pain,sorrow and really bad health; but then it also makes things seem sharper and more defined, like only letting yourself go can!

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