In my defense


Have  you ever been surprised by people who come to your defense?,  people who always keep correcting you, people who keep pointing the little shortcomings in you, which you hope gets by them, people who never seem to be satisfied completely with your effort and keep egging you to go on, people having no trouble in spotting your mistakes, suddenly when someone else points a mistake in you, jump to your defense.

Has that ever left you wondering, where did that come from,

Has it made you wonder, “are they sure about what they are saying, are they really talking my defense”

I am sure every one of us, who have spent at least one day at home, no wait, at least one hour at home, have come across a time when our parents have nagged us on one or more things which could have been done in a better way, or how we could be a better person, do a thing more properly, or even learn to learn about things in a better way. Just like any normal parents would do, my parents too have nagged me, scolded me, given me a thrashing or two, for doing the things I do, in the way I do them, for all the bad qualities in me, for all the ‘to improve’ things in my behavior. In short, I don’t think I made it difficult for them in find a thing where they could correct me.

Well I don’t think I can defend any of those things, though I did try to defend my deeds at time. Even today I try to defend things I do, which for some reason does not seem correct to my mom. Startling factor though, is how quick they are to my defense when someone else tries to point out a trivial shortcoming of mine.

Now that the rambler house hold has a new member in the form of bubbles, its real fun to look at the offense and the defense bouncing between the people involved in rambler’s life.

If bubbles [in short my better half, is this “in short” or “ in long”, well who cares] has a problem with me, at times surprisingly my mom has interesting explanation as to why I might have done that. Well, hello, if you had caught me doing that, would you buy that explanation, if I were to give that to you. I have seen my mom come to my defense when even many of my cousins or relatives tried to point out a shortcoming of mine. I have seen an explanation for a possible reason for my behavior readily drop out of my mom’s mouth. At times it makes me wonder, if she has a repository of all the stories which I have given her over years, and she now has one story for every situation.

If my mom has a problem with me, bubbles seem to miraculously work out a nice way to cover me up. Now I realize the advantages of marriage. But then, didn’t just the other day you crib to me about the same bad quality of mine.

Oh wait, it’s not just bubbles, even friends come up to our defense in a strange way. They seem to know a lot more about me, then I thought they do.

The biggest surprise was that of a defense from my dad, recently in a conversation when one of two women in the house tried to bring out a flaw. Man even silent of the people find a fun way to defend me.

Well, I am not complaining, not complaining for sure.


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