Newsmakers no longer require traditional media these days, they have started providing updates via tweets, facebook updates, and tons of other micro blogging websites. They don’t even have to wait for media, they are broadcasting the news [which are now being termed as updates] live, as and when it happens.

Our news channels too, are not far behind. They are running around the city, covering anything and everything which is of some interest [If not to the viewers, atleast to them]. They are at places even before the event happens, making sure they have the edge over the rival channel. There’s regional news, state news, national news, international news and almost 10 channels in each of those categories. I am sure within no time, we will have a basavanagudi news channel, and within no time three more rivals for that channel too.

Internet is not far away either, we have news websites ranging from regional to international, we have archive websites which have a collection of similar news, and even portals like google news which provide us a combined buffet of news items.

And there is epaper, the online version of our good old newspapers, ready to be downloaded onto various readers, and gobbled up by the fast paced world, which has now been shortened into a 8 inch ipad.

With world around us so eager to let us know whats happening around us, in various forms, with various interests, still one medium that has survived over a long period of time are newspapers.

There is something about newspapers which any of the above mediums cannot replace.  My earliest memories, includes the easy chair, and my grandpa sitting on it reading newspaper for hours together. I am sure, I am not alone, who has such an early memory, almost every one of us would have seen people at house reading paper early morning, mostly with a cup of coffee/tea to accompany it.

When I was a kid, I used to hate newspapers, because my dad used to spend so much of time with it, which I thought could be better spent talking to me, or watching TV, which to me was the best possible pass time. I always used to wonder, why on earth people actually read the complete news paper, shouldn’t the headlines be enough.

As I entered high school, we had something called NIE [News paper in education], I remember getting a copy of TOI everyday at school, and wondering what on earth are these people wasting money for. Slowly, TOI became my means of looking at all the glamours people, celebrity gossip and of course sports. NIE had worked, it finally interested many of us in reading, even though it was the garbage news, we had to start somewhere.

We never know when we get addicted to things, and newspaper is ne such addiction of mine. Over years, there have been so many days where I have waited for my copy in the morning, and scolded the news paper delivery boy for being late. Even today, I get visually annoyed when newspaper is not delivered in the morning before 6:30. There is a certain joy, in spreading the print on the table or my pillow, and reading those headlines, and drilling down the articles which interest me. No day begins without the news paper, and ends without reading the left out articles from the morning.

For a person who has internet almost all time, on the phone, on the laptop, and access to huge number of news pages, For a person who has TV for most part of being home, with channels ready to tell news anytime everytime, still newspaper has not lost its charm. I guess it never will too.

Oh, By the way, I am off to my granny’s to flick the easy chair that belonged to my grandpa.



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