The banyan moment


I heard this new word “Banyan Politics”  about how politics in India has the dynastic tinge to it.  This concept, of children getting into parents profession is not new to Indian at all, how else would we explain the star kids in bollywood, a bunch of really bad doctors at the whelm of rich and famous hospitals, or bunch of useless law firm owners employing outside lawyers to keep their reputation in tact.

Banyan professions sounds so alien to the new age IT professionals. Have you heard of people joining Apple, cause their parents worked there?,  sounds funny even thinking about it.

My father worked for the government.  He studied science, worked as an auditor [commerce], for the telecom sector. Sounds strange how a science graduate ended up doing a so out of field work in an alien sector.

I claim ‘I work’ as a software coolie in one of the MNC.

Strange coincidence though is knowingly or unknowingly we both ended up in telcom sector.

The banyan moment 🙂


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