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The “what-if-not” inc


As he walked few steps,
Into the fork he chose,
at the crossroads,
overwhelmed by the poisonous sweetmeat,
bought joyously at the “what if” store,
followed by his multiple twins,
the “could have been” zombies,
neglected, fell his protégées
the “should become” angels,
sadly, rotting at their well hidden store,
the “what –if –not “ inc.

Inspired by Ideasmithy’s post “The What If Store“, and the discussions via the comments on that post.




One could spot the joy,
A poor camouflage that he was.

Day after day,
He kept rejoicing his victory.
The sweetness of discovery,
With a sense of pride ,too.

Breaking barriers of her mind,
Feeling the real her.
Clearing their befuddled minds,
He conquered his goal.

It was his zillionth triumph,
It was his zillionth defeat too,
He kept opening the doors,
And She ,
Kept shutting them.

Take 5


It feels good that my Ramblings have sustained these many years. After 742 posts and 5 years I hope they have remained virtual.

2006 march has lasted through 2011 march.